Awesome / Lloyd in Space

  • Lloyd gets many but this troper's absolute favorite is in Incident at Luna Vista after Britney depresses Kurt to the point that he becomes a puddle.
    Lloyd: You know what Britney, I've had it with you!
    Britney: Like, excuse me?!
    Lloyd: All you ever think about is yourself!
    Britney: Duh, who else would I think about? I'm the one that matters!
    Lloyd: Look, maybe back at school we all thought you being pretty and knowing what was cool was really important, but I'm not gonna waste my last half hour caring about some girl who doesn't care about me OR my friends! You wanna be a popular girl now? Try being nice for a change!
  • Douglas's speech against the feud between his family and Kurt's at the end of "The Big Feud", with some help from Kurt:
    Douglas: Mother, Father, there will be no more arguing with the Bloberts, at least not in front of me. You're setting a terrible example.
    Mr. McNoggin: But, b-b-b-but son-
    Douglas: Apparently, some traditions are best not passed down. If you have a problem with Blobulons, kindly keep it just that, your problem!
    Mr. Bloberts: Ha ha! Do they have problems!
    Kurt: Please don't say that, dad! You might hurt my friend Douglas's feelings.
    Mrs. Bloberts: But we got feelings too! Don't you remember? They stole our moon!
    Kurt: (dismissive) Aww, I don't need any moons!
    Douglas: Nor do I! Father, my ancestors might have come from Cerebellia, but I am from Intrepridville. This is my home; a place where I live in peace with Blobulons, Earthlings, Verdigreans, what have you. Feel free to cling to the past if you will, but not at the price of my future! Now all of you, go home!
    Kurt: (to Blobulons) Yeah, you guys too!
  • In the third act of "The Big 1-3", Lloyd using the words of advice he was given on how to be a man (bluffing, fishing, being in control by acting like you're in control...) in order to save the day at Francine's preschool.
    • And he ultimately learns his lessons: a real man takes responsibility for his mistakes and does the right thing.