Funny / Lloyd in Space

  • When Francine loses her telekinesis:
    Doctor: Bend this spoon.
    [Francine takes the spoon and bends it with her hands]
    Doctor: I meant with your mind!
    Francine: I told you, I can't!
  • When they're coming up with stage names for Francine.
    Eddie: We'll call her "El Nina Diablo"
    Douglas: Is that proper grammar?
    Eddie: Bad grammar is scarier.
  • Two words: Lloydette and Francita.
  • Lloyd bitching about Francine.
    Lloyd: I just wish I could stop my mind to stop her from reading it.
    Kurt: I stop my mind all the time.
    Douglas: We're going to have to talk about that, Kurt.
  • The entire gang (boys and girls) arguing about which of them Zoit will get a crush on.
    • From the same episode the boys spy on the girls spending the day with Zoit doing stereotypically girly things. Kurt ends up being reduced to tears by the Chick Flick, Douglas gets into the rhythm of the aerobics class and Eddie gets distracted by lots of clothes in the boutiques.
  • Lloyd has to wear a dress and wig in order to sneak out of Brittani's house. When his friends see him on the spy camera?
    • He also ends up having to stay at the party pretending to be a high-pitched voiced girl called Petunia.
    Lloyd: (in girl voice) Oh boys, boys, did you see that?
    Eddie: Uh, Lloyd, you can drop the voice now.
  • Lloyd trying to do comedy in Home Ec class by freestyling about the dish they're baking...
    Violet: I think Lloyd's trying to make us sad.
  • Kurt's family's obsession with "Misty the Homesick Snorkipuff".
  • In the Halloween Episode, the elderly Lloyd's monster-fied but also elderly friends slowly chase after him.