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Awesome: Knight Rider
  • Always loved the stunts they did with KITT the car, very cool.
  • When KITT played Matador against a bull in "Not a Drop to Drink". Also counts as a funny moment.
  • When Michael threatened that ass in "Junkyard Dog" after they pulled KITT up out of the mud. He was really badass.
    • KITT was pretty badass himself after his recovery and got over his fears.
  • The Legendary Peter Cullen guest spotted on the show as the Evil Twin car KARR!
  • The end of the episode "Blind Spot". When Michael pulls the villain out of his wrecked car expecting him to try and fight back (like they always do). Instead, just as he pulls back for the punch... the guy falls over backwards. And the look on Michaels face says "Well, that was rather anticlimactic."
    • Also counts as a moment of funny.
  • The finale of "A Good Knight's Work" When KITT slams into an apartment window... three floors off the ground!
  • Devon, April and Klaus get one in "Goliath Returns" while being held captive by Garth. The orchestrate their own escape by using the synthetic fabric of a shirt, broken glass from a lightcover, and the melamine of the ground-down clay buttons on Devon's jacket to make an explosive to blow open the door! The questionable science and fact that the escape was thwarted a few feet further down the corridor in no way make this any less of a show of geeky awesomeness.
    • Also worth mentioning in this scene: After they blew the door off its hinges, Devon kicked the door open.
    • In the same episode. April's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Garth.
      April: You might as well know what I think about you and your destiny. Your destiny is to never have a woman who wants you for yourself. Never have a man who respects you for what you are. Your destiny is death. And if you don't believe me just go take a good look in the mirror. There are holes where your eyes should be. And behind them there's nothing but blackness.
  • In "No Big Thing," Devon is arrested in a small town on bogus charges. He overhears his cellmates talking about breaking out and offers to come up with a solution, if they let him come along. When it's pointed out that he "doesn't look like the prison break type," he agrees— adding that the SS thought the same thing, which allowed him to break out of two German prison camps in the war. His cellmates agree, Devon executes the breakout and even works in a Dukes of Hazzard leap with the getaway truck. This being a man who's, up to this point, been a very stoic, serious character.

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