Funny / Knight Rider

  • "Knight of the Phoenix"
    • Michael falls asleep at the wheel. Cops catch this and try to catch up, then write him off before an S curve. Cue their surprised reactions when KITT clears the curve effortlessly (they don't know).
      • The exchange after they wake Michael up and pull him over, with Michael feigning deafness.
    1st Officer: Well, that explains everything! I told you he couldn't drive that well if he was drunk!
    Michael (shouting): What?
    2nd Officer (shouting back): He said that... (realizes what he's doing) Never mind!!
    • The two car-jackers attempt to steal KITT. Especially when one of them threw a brick at KITT's window, and it bounced off his partners head.
    • The demolition derby, and Buddy's penchant for pushing buttons.
    • When the car-jackers actually steal KITT, for about two minutes... and then KITT takes over, and gives them the ride of their lives.
  • The towing incident from "Deadly Maneuvers".
    • Piece of advice, never insult machines when one that can hear you is in the area.
    Michael: Well, these computer things are just a waste of time anyway.
    KITT: Ahum.
    Michael: Oh, present company excluded, of course.
    • How KITT describes two men trying to run them off the road:
    KITT: (in a calm and almost deadpan voice) Michael, I believe as usual you may have attracted the attention of some highly homicidal personalities.
  • The opening of "Good Day at Whiterock" has Michael order a cheeseburger from a fastfood joint next door in a ridiculously fancy resturant while Devon eats snails.
    • The best part is, they actually got him a burger, good service.
    • Later, Michael and Sherry hide inside KITT, with the latter calmly introducing himself while a group of angry bikers attempt (and fail) to break KITT.
  • Michael catches Devon playing Croquet in his office, and tells him straight faced and serious...
    "Devon, don't let anyone tell you differently, you are a little strange."
  • In the otherwise clunky "Just My Bill", KITT gets stuck having to drive around a parking lot since the only spots not taken are for government employees only. Every time he stops a security guard catches him and he has to drive around some more. Leaving the poor guard stupefied.
  • When KITT pretended he was an alien from outer space in "Not a Drop to Drink".
    KITT: (opens his side door) I've come to collect you.
    Lawson: You mean you wanna take me out there!? Into space!?
    KITT: That's right. Unless you have some information you want to give me.
    Lawson: Like What?
    KITT: Like, what this earthlings' Bremons next move is. Our supreme council finds his antics quite amusing.
    Lawson: I could get in big trouble if I told you that!
    KITT: What do you mean get, you are in big trouble.
    Lawson: I.. I.. don't know anything! E-e-except it's got to do with the main water pipes. That's all I can tell you! Now please go!
    KITT: Thank you very much. I'll be seeing you around.
    Lawson: Not if I can help it!
    • That, and KITT playing matador with a runaway bull.
    KITT: (opens car door and calls the bull) Toro! Toro! Toro! (drives circles around the bull) Olé! Olé! Olé!
  • "Trust Doesn't Rust"
    • KARR "saves" the two thieves who reactivated him from...a Ring Master statue with a loudspeaker at a hamburger stall, who was voiced by a very irritated smashing the statue.
    • Michael and KITT are busted because KITT looks exactly like KARR in this episode. When Devon bails him out, Michael tells him how unnecessary the police action was.
    Michael: Aren't we all over-reacting? All he did was run down a phony ringmaster. He didn't even steal any hamburgers!
    • KITT and KARR's bantering back and forth. KARR plays the straight man, while KITT pours on the snark.
    KARR: Desist your pursuit! You will be damaged!
    KITT: KARR, I didn't know you cared.
  • "Inside Out"
    • Michael and KITT contemplate their next move.
    Michael: (contemplative) Maybe I can get something from the girl.
    KITT: I wouldn't touch that line with a ten foot drive shaft.
  • In "The Final Verdict", Michael gets ready to sneak into an office building posing as an electrical repair man while KITT jams the buildings' power supply. Then we get this exchange:
    Michael: Don't blow a fuse, huh.
    KITT: On the contrary, the sensation is quite intoxicating.
    • When Michael is trying to sneak into Marty's apartment, he accidentally tries the wrong window first.
    Michael: (wakes up a couple in their bedroom) Oh! Uh, sorry, I forgot my key. (smacks his head on their window as he retreats) Oh! Eh...
  • The episode "A Plush Ride" ends with Michael hosting the visiting Third World leaders at a cowboy-themed resturant, and everyones wearing cowboy hats and singing "Home on the Range", even Miles.
  • Near the beginning of "Give Me Liberty...Or Give Me Death", Michael and Bonnie back and forth as per the norm.
    Bonnie: (once Michael's gone) KITT, I hope your not picking up his warped sense of humor.
    KITT: I'm trying my best not too.
    Bonnie: Good. (KITT startles her with a blast of music) KITT! Try a little harder.
    • Near the end of the episode, Devon is upset with Michael for winning the race when he wasn't supposed to. The Foundation gets a call that the race will have to be done over again, and the man in charge wants to know if Michael will be competing again.
    Michael: Yes!
    Devon: No!
  • Jobina (sent by Michael) goes to rescue KITT at the impound in "A Nice, Indecent Little Town" when he was incapacitated by being fooled into backing on top of a bottle jack and sandwiched against the ceiling:
    KITT: If you'd be so kind as to put me down.
    Jobina: Down?
    KITT: My dear, I'm a car, not a plane.
    Jobina: Oh, yes, of course you are.
    • The ending had poor hapless Michael having to read the Bible to KITT, cause nobody ever thought to upload it into his memory banks.
    • That and KITT and Aunt Martha taking a "joyride" to distract the police for Michael. There's something inherently funny about watching an old woman in a leather jacket, driving around in a black sports car.
  • The old farmer and his donkey in "Goliath".
  • By the end of "Blind Spot", Julie surprises Michael with a clay sculpture she made as a thank you, Michael (not unreasonably) assumes it's a sculpture of himself. So he happily accepts the gift and takes the cover off, to reveal a sculpture of KITT.
  • KITT's attempts at speaking pirate slang in "Return to Cadiz".
  • Behold Mighty Mouth, the wisecracking talking teddy bear. When Michael threw him out of KITT's sunroof at the end, funny, but harsh.
    • KITT and Mighty Mouth's bickering, while Michael has to play referee.
    KITT: Michael, computers can save lives, enhance communication. Why waste this fine technology on an obnoxious little toy?
    Mighty Mouth: Don't knock the rock bub, it's a living!
    Michael: (in a ridiculously mechanical voice) Stop arguing children.
  • During the failed Backdoor Pilot "Mouth of the Snake", Michael explains to David exactly what KITT is.
    Michael: (David notices KITT following them as they walk) Don't worry, he wont bite.
  • The old couple from "Knight of the Drones" who always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    • Them and KITT dealing with "The Egg Roll Brothers" (as Michael so eloquently put it).
    • When KITT first confronts the Chinese bodyguards, Michael points out that they probably don't know any English. So KITT speaks Chinese instead:
    KITT: (translated) Go back to the zoo where you belong.
  • KITT comes face to face with a crocodile in "Knight in Disgrace". Not to mention the way he scared it off.
    • Let's not forget when KITT launched that bone-head Charles, or should I say "Chuck" a few feet into the air. Devon's reaction was priceless, "I didn't see that, KITT!"
  • KITT's Indian acolyte from "Burial Ground". KITT's reaction at being mistaken for the man's Great Wind Spirit is great. First he simply denies everything, later he tries playing along just to try and get rid of the man.
  • The witch lady Esmeralda and her cat Voodoo from "Halloween Knight".
    Esmeralda: Pity, it's so hard to find a good warlock these days.
    KITT: Have you tried "Warlocks Anonymous"?
  • Love the Lone Ranger reference during the episode "The Rotten Apples".
    Michael: Hi ho KITT, AWAY!
  • "Killer KITT"
    • The scene with the crossing guard was probably something KITT would have done even without the program warping, though he probably would have toned it down a bit.
  • Just about any time Michael intentionally pushes Garthe's Berserk Button. You can tell how much Michael enjoyed it too.
    Garthe: (practically shaking with rage) In the end you will lose, in the end you're gonna be mine!
    Michael: (grinning smugly) Now it's time to cash in huh? Say hi to Your Mom!

  • The first time David Hasselhoff and William Daniels met while working on the show was during the series first Christmas party. The first thing they say to each other (according to Hasselhoff):
    William Daniels: (straight faced) Hi, I'm William Daniels, I play KITT.
    David Hasselhoff: (equally straight faced) Hi, I'm David Hasselhoff, I play Michael.
    (both men then laugh)