Headscratchers / Knight Rider

  • I have an original series related question. Why the HELL didn't FLAG supervise the cleanup and disposal of KARR and Goliath after they'd supposedly been destroyed the first time they fought Micheal and KITT? Not to mention leaving all of KARR's parts just laying around after the end of KITT VS KARR for anybody to come along and steal, I mean What The Hell Heroes?
    • On the subject of KARR, I really don't get what Wilton Knight was going for in making his primary purpose SELF preservation when his intention was to basically create a modern version of the Lone Ranger, out to help people who are in trouble, or desperate. Why would you even CONSIDER making the primary role of the car to protect ITSELF rather than the driver or other folks it's meant to be looking after? Seems like a no brainer.
      • If I remember correctly, KARR wasn't deliberately programmed to protect itself, they just failed to program it to protect humans.
    • What makes even less sense is why didn't they remove KARR's CPU and replace it with KITTs? Why was there a need to build a second car?
  • Wouldn't 2008 KITT's plates draw unnecessary attention? Two-letter plates with no state marking or expiration sticker can't be legal. For a vehicle that's supposed to be covert, they risk some cop becoming curious.
    • It's also a blatant disregard of I Am Not Shazam, seeing how the phrase Knight Rider isn't even supposed to be used in-show, and refers to the driver, not the car.
      • "KR" in Knight Rider (2008) stands for Knight Research (and Development), the pseudo-company name that Charles Graiman and the FBI uses as a cover for their KITT and SSC-related ventures. But...none of this will mean anything after episode 13, when the SSC gets shut down, and the main characters regroup to revive the Foundation for Law And Government.
      • It looks like someone paid attention, since KITT's plates now have a more realistic look (and change to match the state they're in, as seen in episode 11).
  • Going back to the original show, how can a 70s nostalgia car be the car of the future?
    • 2008 series could've used Pontiac GTO '06. There - problem solved.
    • But IF they had gotten The Hoff back for the title role, he could've driven a Pontiac Vibe - it would make sense for a now middle-aged family man to drive a station wagon. Just sayin'...
    • If you watched the first episode you'll remember that Michael's car was originally a normal Pontiac with a normal steering wheel, normal interior and no special functions before he was hired by F.L.A.G. and turned into K.I.T.T., probably they decided that it was perfect for modifying and turning into such futuristic machine rather than buying or building a new one.
      • Which made sense until about six episodes later when they introduced KARR...
      • Err...no. KITT was being constructed long before Michael Long was shot in the face and rescued by the Foundation. It was actually sheer coincidence that KITT just happened to have a similar body to Long's Pontiac.
  • From the pilot: "The steel plate in his head deflected the bullet away from his brain and right into his face. We'll never know what he looked like." Yeah, it's a shame driver's license photos hadn't been invented yet.
    • Wait I forget, who said that line? If it was one of the surgeons then there's a possibility that they would never know what he looked like - Wilton Knight would probably want it that way, so as to better conceal who he had been...
    • Maybe they meant they'd never know what he's looked like before the plate, as his drivers' license would presumably show his features after that was implanted.
    • Or they're Leaning on the Fourth Wall, since viewers won't ever know.
  • In the 2008 pilot movie, Dr. Graiman sends the car out for Michael Traceur, while he makes his escape through the woods and his body double suffers a fatal heart attack in front of the hired killers. Personally, my plan "A" would have been to get into car and drive away from the place. If the bad guys want to shoot the car, it's bulletproof. If they want to try a car chase, I have the advantage. And if I decided I needed Michael Traceur, I'd show up at his place in the car, in person, to explain the situation to him instead of a talking car.
  • One thing that doesn't make sense when you consider the various episodes where KITT's Molecular Bonded Shell and the secrecy of the formula is an important plot point: how was KITT rebuilt and restored so quickly after being trashed by Goliath? Not to mention the handful of other times KITT got trashed. It doesn't seem likely the Foundation just has barrels of the MBS compound lying around in case KITT needs a retouch, and yet the MBS can't be recreated without two of the three people who know the formula. Setting aside that KITT wasn't at 100% for his rematch against Goliath, they had to have rebonded the more damaged parts of his shell, but...how?

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