Tear Jerker / Knight Rider

  • The death of Wilton Knight in the "Knight of the Phoenix" pilot episode.
    • We didn't know him well, but Muncie's death was certainly moving none the less.
  • KARR in "Trust Doesn't Rust", he's not exactly pure evil (at least in his first appearance), we quickly learn about his Freudian Excuse and it's possible to feel a little sorry for him. It's easy to tell he feels bitter over being deactivated, disassembled, and then left to collect dust in a museum instead of repaired or reprogrammed.
    • By the end of "KITT vs. KARR", however, KARR's actions remove all traces of The Woobie, leaving him nothing but a warped and twisted Jerkass to the core.
    • By the end of "Trust Doesn't Rust" Michael asks KITT how it feels to be "one of a kind" again. KITT tells him it's a familiar feeling, Michael happily assumes that means KITT's happy. But if you listen closely when KITT says "Being one of a kind is a very familiar feeling", KITT almost sounds sad.
  • The murder of Sonny and Lester Prince in "Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death". Sure the pair were a couple of stereotypical Southern yokels, but they didn't deserve getting blown up.
  • In "Chariot of Gold", KITT forcibly reprogramed by Deauville and a mind controlled Bonnie. Poor KITT's tricked, and then brainwashed himself by the one person he trusts in the world more than Michael.
    KITT: (Bonnie starts pulling out KITT's components) Bonnie. Bonnie. (KITT's voice becomes distorted) I still cannot find. I have no record of Michael's. of Michael's... (KITT shuts down)
    • The whole thing is reminiscent of Hal's shutdown. Though KITT is far more sympathetic.
  • From "White Bird", the hopeless wreck that is the life of one Stephanie Mason. First she's set to take the fall for a crime she didn't commit, then we learn she was once engaged to Michael (as in Michael "Long"), whom she thinks is now dead. Then to cap things off she's shot at, and once all's said and done she has to go into the witness protection program.
    • Michael doesn't have it any easier, sure he can protect her. But he can't tell her who he really is for fear of putting her in even greater danger than she's already in at the moment.
  • The murder of one Sam Falker in "Knight Moves". Sure he initially came off as a cut-throat business man, but he was nice to Norma. And he certainly did not deserve to get blown up for his troubles.
  • Natalie Turner's kidnapping (by her own father no less), while her mother Nicole can only watch at the beginning of "Short Notice".
  • Watching Michael and KITT getting thoroughly curb stomped by Garthe in part one of "Goliath".
    • The pair are worse off in part two, with Michael in obvious need of medical attention and KITT so badly damaged he can't move and his speech is slurred.
  • From "Merchants of Death", when Michael's investigation into the disappearance of Mrs. Amelia Clermont turns tragic. Devon, a former love interest takes the news as stoically as he can. Meanwhile her daughter Camela tries to put on a brave act, but quickly collapses into sobs.
  • Seeing KITT helpless as he's callously played with like a child's toy once his central processor gets hacked in "Soul Survivor". He's being toyed with and he can't stop it, then he's forced to tell his tormentors everything they want to know.
    • It gets even worse. KITT's CPU (his brain and heart) is carelessly yanked out of the car, and tossed into a box like a worn out component.
  • In "Knightmares", Michael wakes up not only suffering from amnesia, but he's horrified to see he now has an entirely new face! He spends the rest of the episode pausing every time he sees his reflection.
    • Michael and KITT's reunion afterward is no better. First Michael runs from KITT, then he starts shooting at him. Of course KITT can't be harmed by bullets but, Michael was shooting at him!
    KITT: Michael, have you really forgotten me?
  • A happy tear-jerker, Michael's face when he meets Stevie again in "Let It Be Me". His undisguised joy at seeing her again is simply heart-melting.
  • KITT's drowning scene in "Junkyard Dog". You could hear the fear in his voice as he's begging Michael for help, while he's sinking into an acid bath! Meanwhile all Michael can do is stand their helplessly while someone is trying to drag him away from the scene for his own safety.
    • Later, when they drag KITT out of the muck and Michael takes a look inside... only to find KITT eaten from the inside out. He then tries asking KITT if he's alright, only to recive no response.
    • Unfortunately, special effects fail keeps this from being as tearjerking as it could've been. The car that sinks is very obviously a model. It doesn't look anything like KITT.
    • Though this is balanced out by William Daniels rather impressive voice acting.
    • After KITT's restored he attempts to complete an obstacle course. When he does get on the track, it's easy to see he's struggling.
  • The scene just before KITT gets blown-up in "Knight of the Drones". Michael and KITT are being targeted by a missile the're both aware will hit KITT no matter what they try to do, so KITT ejects Michael to safety. It's not so much that KITT did it, it's the fact that he did it without asking or insisting Michael push the button himself (most likely knowning full well that Michael would never abandon him). Not to mention what he says to Michael, that really brings on the water-works.
    KITT: Sorry pal, forgive me.
    Michael: What? (suddenly gets ejected from the car)
  • "Scent of Roses", probably one of if not the most tearjerking episode from the original series.
  • The episode where a teenage girl is asked to help find a treasure left to her by her father before his death (which the bad guys are after as well). She hated her father all her life, while others idolised him, feeling pushed aside, and agrees only reluctantly. In the end it turns out that the treasure her father left her is a beautiful, but monetarily worthless hoard of crystal/stone compounds in a cavern a beautiful sight reserved only for her, and which had no cash value to him whatsoever. He loved her more than money after all.

  • The tenth episode of the first season has a dedication at the end to an R. A. Cinader, turns out Mr. Cinader was the man who produced the first six episodes of the original Knight Rider series.
  • The crushing loss of Edward Mulhare from lung cancer made worse by the fact that just before his death, he was planning on doing a guest appearance on Team Knight Rider. While the sequel series was not in the same league as the original, it's heartbreaking Mulhare never even got the chance to appear.
    • The Team Knight Rider episode "K.R.O." was dedicated to Edward Mulhare.
  • The death of John Richard Basehart (Wilton Knight) on September 17, 1984. Knight Rider was the last time he worked in television before he died.