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Awesome: Kick-Ass

The comic

  • The first appearance of Hit Girl, where she first appears after running a katana through a drug dealer and letting his body slump to the ground, says THAT line, and then proceeds to slaughter everyone in the room, except for Kick-Ass
    • Actually, it was a naginata, which personally just makes it more awesome.
      • It was actually a double-bladed staff, ala Darth Maul, which is even more awesome.
  • Kick-Ass & Red Mist charge into a burning building to save a distraught woman's baby, despite having no super powers or fire fighting equipment. Of course, the "baby" wound up being a cat, but still.
  • After being electrocuted by his testicles and watching Big Daddy take a bullet through the back of his head, Kick-Ass comes up with the escape plan of getting one of Frank Genovese's goons to hit him so hard that he falls backwards & breaks the chair he's tied to, before getting up and using parts of the broken chair to fight his way out. And it almost happens, if not for the presumed dead Hit Girl choosing that moment to jump out of the shadows and kill everyone.
  • Kick-Ass & Red Mist having their showdown, where despite still suffering from the effects of his torture & escape plan, Kick-Ass uses the remains of the chair he was tied to in order to beat Red Mist into a bloody pulp; despite Red Mist being relatively unharmed until this point & wielding a gun.
  • "Just some kids dressed up in Halloween costumes"
  • Frank Genovese taunting Kick-Ass by remarking that Kick-Ass didn't have the balls to shoot him, only for Kick-Ass to shoot Frank in the balls
    • Also Crowning Moment of Funny, as Frank screams that Kick-Ass just shot him in the "tunk", before Hit Girl yells "Tunk you!" as she drives a meat cleaver in his head, and proceeds to kill everyone else in the room. Again. The entire time this is going on, Kick-Ass is just stood in amazement as to how fast the word "Tunk" has caught on, as earlier in the series Dave is told by his friends that they've created a new curse word (Tunk) to serve as the male equivalent to a certain other four lettered word.
  • "Just wait 'til they get a load of me"
  • Kick-Ass beats the living shit out of a gang about to beat up a person with pipes and punches. And this is considering he got his arse whipped in the previous issue.
  • "Avengers fuckin' assemble, asshole!"
  • Kick-Ass beating the holy heck out of the Motherfucker. YES!
  • Hit Girl vs Mother Russia.
  • Hit-Girl tearing through the mob in the interquel. It explains exactly why Chris went out of his way to hire Mother Russia.
  • The end of the second series. The heroes beatdown the villains. Kick-Ass beats down Red Mist.
  • In Kick-Ass 3, Mindy has taken over the jail. From solitary confinement. Her third therapist (after the first two ran away) is comprehensibly spooked when she informs him of this... And even more when she proves it.
    • How did she prove it? By cutting the junk of another inmate who had violated her policy against drug dealing and had ignored her order to stop.
  • In the fourth issue of Kick-Ass 3 the jail guards get an Off Screen Moment Of Awesome. How? They stopped Hit-Girl's break out. Not bad, considering who they're dealing with...
    • Also to Hit-Girl's therapist... Who is still the third one, and managed to get a rise from her.

The film

  • The real moment where the film not only lives up to its title but goes above and beyond comes at the climax. Let's just say it involves a bazooka and the words:
    Dave: Hey! Why don't you pick on someone your own size?
  • Hit-Girl. Knife. Gun. Wires. Perhaps the single coolest thing ever done by a prepubescent girl in film history.
    • Hit-Girl overall is Crazy Awesome (well she has to be somewhat crazy at least to happily be so violent when only 11).
    • Or at least a contender. But then there's Mathilda...
      • The fact it's done to "Bad Reputation" makes it even more awesome.
      • At one point she reloaded without touching the magazines
    • Lest we forget, the actress playing Hit-Girl did many of her own stunts. And this is not Dawson Casting - there really is an eleven-year-old doing this.
  • Okay, so Big Daddy is obviously a total nut, but come on, him taking down all the mooks at the warehouse with ease, and then burning the warehouse down(!) was pretty awesome.
  • Dave going Apocalypse Now on the gangsters. With a chain-gun equipped jetpack. The Oh Crap look on their faces when they saw him FLYING IN ON A FREAKING JETPACK was priceless.
  • We can't forget about Kick-Ass beating three thugs mugging a helpless man.
    Thug: Fuck off, man. It's none of your business!
    Kick-Ass: ...Yes it is!
    • What made that especially awesome was the little hesitation he had in going in. Here's a kid with no fighting skills, no experience, no reason to care, and yet he charges in to help the guy anyway. And wins!
    Thug: What the fuck is wrong with you, man? You'd rather die for some piece of shit, that you don't even fucking know?
    Kick-Ass: 3 assholes laying into one guy while everyone else watches... and you wanna know what's wrong with me?! Yeah, I'd rather die! NOW BRING IT ON!
    • Except he only wins on a technicality. Like he points out, there's three thugs & and he's the only one standing up to them... But there's a cafe full of witnesses: if they kill him & the guy they were attacking - SOMEONE would identify them, so the better decision is to just scram.
    • The "one guy" he mentions is probably the guy getting mugged, not himself. Besides, he set out to save the guy from death, which he did. Doesn't really matter how. If you want physical results, he broke one of their wrists. At least, there's a loud crack and he's nursing the hand the rest of the scene.
    • The icing on the cake is that the mugging victim, bloodied but alive turns to Kick-Ass, and thanks him.
    • At the beginning of the fight, they basically ignore Kick-Ass, even when he's hitting them, prefer to go for their victim. But as the fight continues, it goes from one guy fighting him, to two, to all three once they realise he isn't going to give up.
  • Big Daddy coordinating Hit Girl while being set on fire. He may be a nutjob, but he's one hell of a Determinator.
  • The final line of the movie, in an absolutely perfect Shout-Out to the '89 Batman film:
    Red Mist: Well, as a great man once said...wait'll they get a loada me.
  • How about the music? The Prodigy's Stand Up just perfectly captures the whole "Why not?" theme behind the Kick-Ass series.

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