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Big Daddy is Lt. Terrence McDonagh from Bad Lieutenant Port Of Call New Orleans.
Both Big Daddy and Terrence are played by Nicolas Cage, Terrence was a coke-addict whereas Big Daddy was framed for having coke (Or is it?), both wives was expecting, and both were cops. A big reason why this WMG was made is to reassure people who were pissed off at the ending to Bad Lieutenant can be relieved that Terrence's life backfired on him and that they get a chance to see him burn.

Dave is narrating the story from beyond the grave and most of the movie was over-glorified and/or made up
The last act of the movie (in particular the jetpack scene) didn't seem to fit as the ending seemed to not be based in reality like the rest of the film. Upon second viewing, the line in which Dave states to the audience ("And if you're reassuring yourself that I'm going to make it through this since I'm talking to you now, quit being such a smart-ass! Hell dude, you never seen "Sin City"? "Sunset Boulevard"? "American Beauty"?).

Instead of just Big Daddy dying, Kick-Ass/Dave also died and he's been telling us the story, but possibly not the truth. Most likely, the events before Kick-Ass's death were all true. Seeing how boring the truth was and considering his reasons for becoming Kick-Ass (life of excitement, tired of being unnoticed), he decided to spice up the story and also make up an ending where he comes off as the valiant hero. Thus, Dave added details, such as the jetpack, and Hit-Girl rescuing him. He also exaggerated certain details of the story, such as his relationship with Katie, the positive changes his father noticed, and most of the details surrounding Hit-Girl.
  • The genre shift occurs after the Fade to White during the ambulance ride and the mumbling about the notebooks. It's a perfect set up for a Dying Dream, which explains why all the tropes are suddenly Played Straight after being repeatedly Averted.

Big Daddy is an interpretation of what, well, Big Daddies would be like if they were capable of normal communication-turning their Sisters into defenders themselves. It would also make sense considering Hit-Girl's...uncanny cheerfulness in the face of violence and murder. She's conditioned to see everything as innocent and idealized, and has no idea how disturbing everything she's taken part in really is.

Alternately, she's since been rescued and adopted by Damon, who took up the alias "Big Daddy" ironically when he swore to protect her.

The comic takes place in the same world as Wanted
Dave flat-out asks where all the superheroes are and why no one has ever done what he has before...and even he and Hit-Girl both hang up the tights by the end. Maybe the Fraternity's control is stretched so thin by present day that even though they're able to squelch him and Hit-Girl, they aren't able to keep the new rise of the superheroes under wraps once Kick-Ass accidentally gets the ball rolling?

Kick-Ass is the origin of the world of Mystery Men
Champion City visibly takes place in the near future, superheroes have little by the way of actual powers if any at all and aside from one or two big names are generally seen as little more than a bizarre but altruistic subculture...just like the one the news reports at the end of Kick-Ass say has been started.

Insect-Man is Red Mist in disguise.
He just describes himself as 'a policeman who couldn't work within the system', whereas all the other members of Justice Forever go into detail about their dark origins. Also, he's seen carrying a baseball bat, just like Red Mist did in issue 1 of Kick-Ass 2.

At some point in Kick-Ass 2, Dave will get kicked in the nuts
He'll shrug it off, saying "There's not much more damage that someone can do to those."

Big Daddy is actually a SOLDAT
Hit Girl is an inner tree who may become Noir.

the Kick-Ass movie and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie share the same universe.
Mindy changes her name to Angie and takes over the school newspaper.

Hit-Girl is Asuka from an Alternate Universe
Mindy, at least in the movie, has red-ish hair and, like, Asuka, she's hotblooded, badass, and they both are somewhat tsundere.

Hit-Girl grows up to be the Bride
Based entirely upon this Cracked article: http://www.cracked.com/article_19536_6-happy-endings-that-accidentally-screwed-movies-hero.html ——

Red-Mist will escape
Word of God stated that the series will be a trilogy (That is, unless the Hit Girl spin-off is the third chapter). Chris will escape at the last minute, leading to part 3. Dave will live with his relatives like he planned, but to train for the day he and Chris can fight again.

In the film sequel, Kick-Ass will allow Red Mist/The Motherfucker to die.
Assuming, of course, the sequel keeps with the film's continuity and not the comic, Dave will show him no mercy for what he did to Katie and his father (if those are included in the film), and considering Dave killed Frank with the bazooka and those mooks with the jetpack, there's no reason Dave should feel distraught over killing Chris in the climax.

In the movie, Mother Russia will start the neighborhood slaughter
instead of Chris Word of God has stated that Chris won't rape Katie in the movie. Since Chris is nowhere near as bad as he is in the comics, the worst he'll do is beat Katie to get to Dave. MR will start the shooting when the police get suspicious, with Chris scolding her for it later.

Kick-Ass 3 will have a Earn Your Happy Ending type ending.
The comics are really dark and bleak while the first movie, while still pretty harsh, is also considerably more idealistic. Having Dave earn a good ending by getting his ass kicked over and over again and never giving up, will then fit with the movieverse's theme.

Shirou Emiya took part in the final showdown with the Toxic Mega Punks
Because it's what he would do, if he could.

Chris will have a Heel–Face Turn by the end of Kick-Ass 3
Since events of the second movie may contradict what will happen if a third film is ever made, I'm splitting it in two sections.
  • Comic: After killing Colonel Stripes, Mrs. Genovese will realize she has only one bullet left. She decides to kill herself, not wanting to live with the fact that she planned to murder her son. Before doing it, she tells him something like "You did this to me, Chris." This will give Chris a Heel Realization to how fucked up he was.
  • Movie: Since his mother already died, to which he was apathetic about, Chris will lay in the hospital on the anniversary of Javier's death. He will receive a visit from one of Javier's relatives, who blames him for his death. When the would-be assassin is dealt with by security, that's when Chris decides to become The Atoner. Both theories will end with a Redemption Equals Death.

Remembering Tommy will adopt Dave and Eisenhower

Brooke will become a villain and her underlings will become henchmen
  • Not only that, but she will become just as bad as the comic book version of the Motherfucker.

The prostitute, who thanks Night-Bitch for saving her, will become a hero

If Kick-Ass's rescue of him is successful, he will start going by Red Mist to honor Chris's memory for helping Dave save him. As an added Mythology Gag, his costume will resemble the Red Mist from the movie.

Katie was in on the date prank on Mindy
She still thought David was cheating on her with Mindy and helped Brook organize the prank as revenge on Mindy's part.

Someone else will become Kick-Ass in the third movie.

The comic book is set in the same universe as Sailor Moon Crystal
After all, we've seen that one of the new superheroes can fly, and Dave's narration mentions as new threats a group of guys breaking the sound barrier, "that lunatic killing cops in Japan, or even this wave of celebrity kidnappings around the world". The last two sounds like Dark Kingdom activity: the cop killer would be someone trying to root out Sailor V by killing her allies (one member of the Dark Agency did believe her affiliated with the police, given she was doing their job), and the celebrity kidnappings sound similar to Nephrite's modus operandi when hunting for energy.

Crimson Bolt from Super will appear in the third movie.
  • It will be a crossover.

In one of the reboots, some superheroes -keyword being some- will have super-powers
  • Since each of the Kick-Ass reboots, each of them will have a "James Bond"-like treatment where each of the incarnations of the story will have different feels to them.
    • However, if super-powers became a thing in one of the reboots, it would only be low-level ones, nothing major.
    • Examples:
      • Kick-Ass: Spider-Man's Powers.
      • Insect-Man: Ant-Man's Powers and Wasp's Powers.
      • Colonel Stars: Captain America's Powers.
      • Lieutenant Stripes: Captain America's Powers.
      • Hit-Girl: Badass Normal with Robin-style gadgets.
      • Big Daddy: Badass Normal Batman-style gadgets.
      • Doctor Gravity: Short-Distance Gravity Manipulation (to the point that his powers can reach up to an entire average-sized bedroom.)
      • Moonbird: Re-imagined as a literal angel.
      • Skybird: Either Falcon's full power-set or is a literal angel.
      • The Juicer: Electrokinesis and Electricity Absorption.
      • Night Bitch: Short-Distance Shadow Manipulation and Invisibility.
      • Remembering Tommy: Various Superpowers from their son's favorite superheroes.
      • The All-Seeing Eye: Night Vision, X-Ray Vision, Thermal Vision, Telepathic Sense of Sight, Microscopic Vision, Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision, Telescopic Vision, and Visual Mind Reading.
      • Rocket-Man: Flight due to his Jet-Pack.
      • The Enforcer: Badass Normal with Nightwing-style gadgets.
      • Battle-Guy: Captain America's Powers.
      • Ass-Kicker: Spider-Man's Powers.
      • Mustard Man: Mustard Manipulation.
      • Crossing Guardian: Badass Normal with Moon Knight-style gadgets.
      • Silver Beetle: An amalgam of all three Blue Beetles.
      • Apocalypse Meow: Empowered Badass Normal with Probability Manipulation.
      • Tarantula: Slightly stronger (keyword being slightly) version of Spider-Man's Power-set with the addition if super-durable fangs.
      • The Buzzard: Low-level version of The Blob's Power-set.
      • Blast Hammer: Magical Hammer.