Awesome / Into the Woods

  • The Last Midnight, which is all basically the Witch giving one big What the Hell, Hero? to all the main characters. The best part? She's absolutely right.
    • The film manages to amp the scene Up to Eleven, particularly with the Witch's dramatic exit at the end. She uses her regained powers to create a powerful windstorm (complete with lightning), and eventually, she sinks into the ground, leaving behind a large pool of black tar. It's one of the most visually-stunning numbers in the entire film.
  • Cinderella telling her so-called "Prince Charming" where to shove it upon finding out about his unfaithfulness, and dumping him. That part shows the audience that she's definitely toughened up from the Extreme Doormat she was in the original tale.
  • Jack's Mother standing up to the Giantess to defend her son. Unfortunately, it does not end well for her, but it was nonetheless awesome seeing her display such moxie. A true Mama Bear moment if there ever was one.
  • A meta-example with the film version of Cinderella talking to a flock of birds. Anna Kendrick, a well-known Deadpan Snarker, was that committed to her role, not once rolling her eyes or winking to the camera.