Awesome: Goof Troop

  • Awesome Music: The theme song.
  • Any time PJ saves Max, but three that stand out in particular are:
    • In "Big City Blues", he jumps in front of a moving bus in order to save Max.
    • In "O R-V I N-V U", he leaps onto the back of a moving vehicle and exploits all the flaws in the RV using the chestnuts he had gathered earlier (see Heartwarming.Goof Troop) to save Max from kidnappers.
    • In "Max-Imum Protection", he manages to wake up from an apparently heavy slumber by hearing Max scream "PJ, help!" from almost the distance between their houses, and cut the rope the crooks were using to chase Max with safety scissors.
  • Pete going into an active volcano to rescue Peg's first anniversary gift in "Peg o' the Jungle", and then Peg going after him once it's shown he can't climb back out.
  • The ending of "And Baby Makes Three." Seeing Pete get injured karmically by the universe is funny, but seeing the kid he's treating like a "feudal serf" (with an intensity seen here that's a contender for the absolute worst in the series) get back at him while dressed as a baby? So many shades of awesome. Especially considering this is one of the few times in the series PJ has shown himself not to be an Extreme Doormat. The best part was when PJ bit Pete's finger after the latter said "Aww... sort of reminds me of PJ, back when he was cute..." and the look on his face was priceless.
  • The way Peg shut down an angry mob about to lynch an innocent monster by demanding to know what the monster had actually done to anger them.
  • Everyone working together to get back at Pete after he swindled Goofy out of a vacation in "Wrecks, Lies, and Videotape"
  • Max admitting that he and PJ were manipulated by Leech to hide a stolen bottle of perfume for him and Leech getting arrested in "Maximum Insecurity".