Fridge / Goof Troop

Fridge Brilliance
  • It seems pretty weird that Pete would consider making PJ use a handkerchief to be unreasonably controlling behavior in "Axed by Addition." After all, that's a fairly standard rule of politeness. However, in "Puppy Love", he says "sleeves are only for wiping your nose." So Pete doesn't believe in the rule himself. What he was actually showing remorse for was, much more reasonably, an act of hypocrisy.
  • In "Inspector Goofy", Goofy inspected the rooms belonging to Peg, PJ and Pistol and declared them to be perfect. It would be Ruleof Funny but Pete has shown he provided actually legitimate advises but didn't took them to heart while his family did which is why their rooms were perfect. In addition, Peg has a uncle who was part of the military hence Peg, being his niece did had lessons to be proper and tidy.
  • Goofy's family would explained many of the Deus ex Machina in the show. Since two family members were scientists, Goofy was provided with a special container that held the cleanest air in existence. His Great Uncle is military which meant that Goofy was taught some military training that defeated the robbers in "Max-imum Protection" and "To Catch a Goof".

Fridge Logic
  • How come neither the seller nor the buyer knew that whoever buys the house next to Pete's will own half of Pete's house? If Pete knew that, he would have bought the other half of his house back.
  • In the episode "Unreal Estate", Pete has to get one of Peg's homes painted and fixed up, so that Peg can show it to a certain buyer. At the end of the episode, it's revealed that the buyer was just going to tear down the house anyway, so why did Pete have to get it painted in the first place, especially with a very specific shade of pink?
    • To make Pete suffer.
    • To bring the house up to building code so the sale would be legal.
  • In one episode, Pete builds his own RV and takes it to a convention. As he leaves the neighborhood, they have to repeatedly return to their houses because they forgot things. The last one is Pistol returning to their house to use the bathroom. So, Pete built an RV without a lavatory?

Fridge Horror
  • More than one social media comedian has pointed out that Goofy is the only classic Disney mascot with a biological child. Mickey and Donald are only uncles, but Goofy has a son who looks just like him, meaning he has had sex with a woman at least once in his life, as disturbing as that mental image may be.
  • Speaking of Goofy's wife, at some point she either left him and their son, or she died. And, if she died, given Goofy's habits of causing "domestic accidents", one must wonder how exactly she died.
  • In "Bringin' on the Rain", when PJ gets dizzy and collapses into the hole after Max stomps on Pete's tackle box, the fact that he could have collapsed out of fear of his punishments would be bad enough. But then, given how he was being treated earlier in the episode, it becomes immediately more horrifying if you consider that sometimes dizziness and fainting are symptomatic of dehydration.