Awesome / Fallen London

  • Early on, if your Dangerous reaches a decent level, you can donate your body to science. This involves you lying very still while surgeons cut you open and study your organs. Since Fallen Londoners cannot die... well, it's a painful experience. On the other hand, you can choose to not only undergo the process, but then provide running commentary through the agonizing pain and calmly explain each and every scar you've picked up in your career.
  • If you choose to let him do it, the Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief finally clearing his name by setting up an Enemy Civil War to take down the Big Rat's lieutenants. Usually, he dies in the ensuing fray - but if the random number gods are smiling upon you, he returns victorious and no longer disgraced.
  • The conclusion of the story of the Missionary and the Firebrand, if you choose to "rail at them". To quote, "they've dragged you up and down Fallen London, halfway across the Quarter, tried to strip you of your memories," and then billed you for a 400-echo MacGuffin. Your character is not impressed, and does not hold back.
    "What are you doing down here? Why can't you leave well enough alone? How would you both like to b____r off back to the Surface and leave real Londoners to get on with real life? Did you really spend a year looking for the Nadir without even knowing what it was? Who are you people?"
  • As the governor of Port Carnelian, an envoy from the Mithridate Office may appear during term to offer your character intelligence. Your secretary advises against this, and it's a hard Watchful check, but success gives you this:
    "Every word sounds true; every sentence is plausible; but it contradicts either your information or your intuition. None of it is worth writing down. Until, that is, he describes the tiger's affinity for flame - at this, you take up your pen for the first time, and write a short note. The Poised Envoy stutters as you do, drags a finger to his lips, and takes his leave."
  • In a possible future shown to you by July in Parabola, you are able to save Paris from becoming the Sixth City. Possibly by putting a bullet between the eyes of a Master.
  • Taking up the Jack-of-Smiles case, and ending the nightmare by burning down the cursed forge in question, and dumping everything into the Zee, to be lost forever. You took a case that no other could crack without either dying or joining the Jacks, made your way through it through wit and force, found out the truth, and dealt the killing blow to a killer of hundreds.
    "Newspaper interviews. Endless parties and dinners and speeches and salons. A parade down the length of Ladybones Road. A statue. A statue! It's in a quiet square somewhere, but still. London's memory is short. But today, London loves you."
  • The player NiteBrite deciding to sell their Hesperidean Cider to see if seven Ubergoats were the key to obtaining the elusive Heptagoat... and succeeding.
  • Remember the battle against the Rattus Faber? Well, you can go through another battle scene in the Grand Sanatorium- against Tomb colonists, potentially some of the most dangerous humans in the Neath. Mirroring the duel at the end of the battle, you fight a spider council. You can fight at least three, but two of the one on one fights would be boss battles, if the game had a combat engine.
  • In the Light Fingers ambition, when you find out about the Orphanage, you're treated to a NASTY piece of work called Poor Edward. He's an agent of the Masters who tells you to drop investigating the Orphanage otherwise he'll bury you alive because killing you wouldn't really work in the Neath. He then gives you some herbs that can erase your memory. When you finally get to the Orphanage, if you aren't good at sneaking around it, you'll discover Edward was NOT bluffing and WILL bury you alive. If this happens, you're essentially forced to commit suicide in order to escape. So where does the CMOA come in? When you finally find the Music Hall Singer and her sister, both of whom you went in there to save, she will tell you that they can't leave. That whatever the Hell they were working on got to her sister, and that she doesn't want to leave. She says that her sister will never want to leave so long as she can remember it, and that the herbs to erase her memory would be impossible to find...and then asks you why you're smiling. You use the herbs on her sister and are able to get her out. All thanks to Edward. It gets even better if you choose to burn down the Orphanage, as you see him get enveloped in the flames as you leave.
  • Player bjorntfh became the first person to complete the Mr. Eaten storyline. Even if they did brick their account in the process.
  • For those kind or sleazy enough to turn your Handsome Townhouse into an orphanage, there is one particular option that requires several hundred echoes and many many opportunity cards worth of effort to obtain before you even have the option to recruit her for a little bit of Fate. That would be the Laconic Prodigy. Her story goes a little something like this: Her parents were killed by the Vake, and so she ended out in the street. Afterwards, she was approached and recruited by the Sisterhood, i.e. the people who hunt the Vake and indeed will help a player who is trying to Bag A Legend. However, she didn't like the convent, so she escaped. Note that the Sisterhood convent is out in the middle of the Unterzee. Afterwards she bounced between urchin gangs until she ended up at your orphanage by pure chance. This little girl, who has quite the spiffy hat, is basically a smaller version of you. She's more stealthy than the most experienced of the Duchess's cats, she's more watchful than a Hound of Heaven, and she's more dangerous than a FULLY GROWN TIGRESS. She's basically a Scuttering Squad, but better. When you recruit her, she only joins you under the (heavily haggled) idea that when you and her introduce yourselves to someone, she gets to say that you are her assistant.