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Awesome: Epic Meal Time
  • "The TurBacon Epic Thanksgiving": just to one-up the classic turducken, they stuffed an additional two birds (cornish hen and quail, making it five birds in total) into it, loaded it up with bacon strips, put it inside a pig, covered that in more bacon strips and put it on the grill. They sewed the whole thing together, and garnished it with baconators.
  • "The Sloppy Big Ben Roethlisberger": after months of entertaining the Internet, they break the 100,000 calorie barrier in a way that only they could.
  • The "Meat Car" on Jay Leno.
  • "Maximum Mac & Cheese", featuring macaroni and cheese mini-variants of at least half a dozen of their previous meals.
  • "French Fry Week" (October 3 - 7, 2011) was Epic Meal Time going Up to Eleven: one episode per day using french fries as the central ingredient, with a 15-pound poutine to end it off on the last day.
    • Repeated with Shart Week, featuring five consecutive days of spicier foods. Woe betide their toilets.
  • "Fast Food Pizza Cake" marked Epic Meal Time's one-year anniversary. The meal? An epic Call Back to their pilot episode, with Tony Hawk appearing to eat with them.
    • "I'll have a hundred and fifty [burgers]." Which he increases to 175, then 180.
  • "Turbaconepicentipede" didn't just break the previous calorie count made by the Sloppy Roethlisberger, it destroyed it at more than 800,000 calories.
  • Bricks forming, walls rising, the music swelling to a heart soaring crescendo...then silence...then...Cheese Wiz
  • In Meat Sub, instead of the usual overblown pre-eating narration, Harley says only two words: "My turn."
  • Fastfood Sacrifice, props have to go to the drive-thru man. He had no surprise at all to the amount of food or the revelation that the plan was to "put it all in a dead animal carcass and get drunk." His only qualm? They asked to put a whole taco in their drink.
  • Thanksgiving Care Package. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Muscles Glasses X2.
  • "Dishwasher Lasagna", for their... unusual cooking methods.
    Harley: We made lasagna in the dishwasher! Steamed hot dogs in the dishwasher! Cooked a bacon and egg sandwich on a (caw!)in' clothing iron! ...And this right here, dawg? This right here is macaroni and cheese in a coffee pot! So don't (caw!)in' come at ME with YOUR cooking sh(caw!), when we're the ones changin' the game!
  • The Steak & Egger Sandwich for getting Arnold Schwarzenegger as their guest star!
    • To put it into perspective: They made a steak and egg sandwich, using ostrich eggs, cooked on a tanknote , THAT WAS OWNED BY ARNOLD SCHARZENEGGER HIMSELF. Who then proceed to do pushups on the sandwich.
      Harley: So, Arnold, did you bring the buns?
      Arnold: Remember when I said that I would bring the buns?
      Harley: Yeah, of course.
      Arnold: I Lied.
      Harley: Oh...well, now we can't make a sandwich.
      Arnold: Remember when I said I didn't bring the buns?
      Harley: Yeah, of course.
      Harley: I lied. (shows off two extra large buns; Harley and Epic Mook cheer)
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