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Heartwarming: Epic Meal Time
  • "Follow your dreams, all you crazy little mother (caw!)ers on the Internet without supervision! Follow your (caw!)in' dreams."
  • Thanksgiving Care Package. They cook three of their more famous meals, the Turbaconepic, the Fast Food Lasagna, and the Angry French Canadian, for a soup kitchen! They also urged their fans to do the same thing in The Stinger.
    Harley: "We're douchebags and we came and we volunteered, so what's your excuse?"
  • Slop Tart was a special episode where EMT teamed up with Action Against Hunger to promote the Give Your Calories charity app. They donated $0.01 for every one of the 180,000 calories in the giant Pop-Tart they put together.
    Harley: "Next time, everybody eats."
  • Bacon Cornucopia. Harley spends the first minute of the episode paying for people's groceries.
    "Hey, question, can I buy this for you? I wanna do something nice."
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