Headscratchers / Epic Meal Time

  • Why don't they buy their meat in bulk from a butcher? I don't know about North America, but where I'm from the amount of meat they sometimes buy (bacon especially) seems like something they'd get far more value from buying from a butcher and not at a supermarket, buying small pre-packaged meat. Wouldn't that stuff be about the most expensive way to buy meat? They could save some Youtube Money.
    • For their larger pieces of meat, they probably do. Also, note that many larger supermarkets have a butcher at them.
  • Muscles Glasses is a personal trainer, for God's sake! It's like a rabbi working part-time in a bacon shop!
  • And speaking of the rabbi analogy, Cousin Dave and at least one other member of the troupe are Jewish. Yet they all eat bacon. The only known food aversion for any of them is that Prince Atari hates eggs.