Characters: Epic Meal Time

Harley Morenstein

The co-creator of Epic Meal Time along with Sterling Toth, who operates the cameras. Once a substitute teacher from Montreal, a web video about a Fast Food Pizza went viral, and spawned a monster.

Muscles Glassesnote 

A local personal trainer in Montreal, he is the strong, silent type with the ever-present aviator sunglasses. Most episodes he appears in end with him demolishing the remainder of that episode's creation solo. He also indiscriminately drinks the most liquor.

Epic Mooknote 

One of the cooking experts of the show.


The resident Cloud Cuckoolander, he can usually be seen goofing around with the camera or ingredients. But he is just as eager to eat the meals as anyone else present.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Disappeared after the episode Meat Cake Apparently, like Muscles Glasses, he left over various reasons.
  • Lucky Charms Title: His name is always spelled with an ! at the end, even on the website.
  • Man Child
  • The Smart Guy: While he acts like a doofus on-camera, he's actually the one that calculates the calorie tracker.
  • Super Not-Drowning Skills: At the beginning of New Year's Hangover Cure, Harley comes out to find Tyler face down in the pool. He wakes right up, and Harley tells him they were out for three days.

Prince Atarinote 

The other cooking expert of the show.

Cousin Davenote 

Cousin Dave most frequently appears to eat the creations. He serves as a unique Plucky Comic Relief, being typically the only one to eat with utensils. He also frequently drinks alcohol with a pinky raised.


The latest member of the team brought in on Epic Meal Empire.
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