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Awesome: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • In the Redcliffe Castle section of the E3 demo, Leliana gets captured and tortured by the Venatori. When the party breaks into her cell, her interrogator gets distracted. Leliana proceeds to wrap her legs around his neck and effortlessly snap it.
  • From the "Enemy of Thedas" trailer:
    • The Elder One gets a couple of Badass Boasts:
      "Tell me, where is your Maker now? Call him. Call his wrath down upon me. You cannot. For he does not exist."
      "Bow before your new god and be spared."
    • Morrigan and the Inquisitor team up against a Dalish mage.
    • Morrigan continuing her family's longstanding tradition of making incredibly dramatic entrances, by flying out of an active Eluvian in crow-form and shapeshifting back to human as she lands.
    • Hawke and an unknown Grey Warden team up with the Inquisitor to fight a giant demonic spider.
    • Dragon on Dragon combat.
  • From the "Hero of Thedas" trailer, the Dragon who abruptly lands and wastes no time in chomping down on the anonymous, unlucky Grey Warden standing in front of her.
    • In the same trailer, Stroud also joins the fight against aforementioned giant demonic spider.

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