Awesome / Con Air

  • "You ain't gettin' near my daughter! Buckle up!"
  • Cyrus is about to burn Cindino, covered in gasoline, alive. Cindino has just tried to betray him.
    Francisco Cindino: Cy...
    Cyrus Grissom: ...onara! (flicks lit cigar)
  • Poe takes a bullet to the arm, just keeps marching forward without breaking stride. He doesn't give a fuck.
  • When Poe comes across Johnny-23 trying to rape the only female officer of Con Air, he is not merciful with him. "You don't... treat... women... like...that!"
  • Garland Greene's entrance. Almost every convict was scared as fuck of the little man. Diamond Dog looked like he was about to shit his pants when Cyrus ordered him to release Greene.
    • And of course, being the only convict from the plane to escape the police. And gets to play at the casino too. He feels lucky.
  • "I'm going to save the fucking day."
  • "I'm gonna show you God does exist!"
  • Arguably one of the most triumphant examples of Even Evil Has Standards: "If your dick jumps out of your pants, you jump off this plane." And you know he means it.
    • Really, the entire exchange is worth quoting:
    Cyrus: Can you fly, Johnny 23?
    Johnny 23:
    Cyrus: Well you keep that in mind because if your dick jumps out of your pants, you jump off this plane.