Quotes / Con Air

From the film

He's a font of misplaced rage. Name your cliché... Mother held him too much, or not enough... Last picked at kickball... Late night, sneaky uncle... Whatever. Now he's so angry moments of levity actually cause him pain; gives him headaches. Happiness, for that gentleman, hurts.
Garland Greene

Define irony: Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.
Garland Greene

About the film

 JOHN: look.
 JOHN: i love nic cage. he is basically my hero, ok?
 JOHN: but i'm kind of just realizing now that he is EMBARRASSINGLY BAD in this movie!
 JOHN: he is just doing this corny parody of a southern guy who is down on his luck, and acts "charming" with his goofy accent and stuff.
 JOHN: can you believe that one time we were watching this movie, when he said "put the bunny back in the box" i actually high fived my dad?
 JOHN: this time that line just made me roll my eyes.
 JOHN: there's so much crappy dialogue!
 JOHN: "cyrus, this is your barbecue, and it tastes good..." arrgh!