Awesome: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

  • Almost all of the boss's QTE finishers have Gabriel curb stomp them. This include the final boss.
  • In the gorgeous first chapter, Gabriel strides into a lightning-swept European village being assaulted by a Lycan raiding party. What ensues? Belmont dispatches dozens of werewolves, while protecting the small-folk, followed by smacking around the pack leader before impaling said Great Warg through the chest on a chunk of broken stockade as it pounces down on him. Read, he lifts a timber log the size of a tree trunk, to hold up a half tonne mammoth predator. Bad Ass Normal indeed.
  • Nearly every cutscene fight in the Hunting Path chase sequence serves to solidify Gabriel's Bad Ass credentials. Including shrugging off a Lycan bite to the throat.
  • The sheer amount of Scenery Porn present in Chapter One. From the aforementioned stormy hamlet, Horse!Pan's epic leap over the downed Aghartian bridge, the incredible atmosphere of the Dead Bog, the jaw-dropping beauty that went into creating the last bastion of the Forest spirits and the Lake of Oblivion. Safe to say, this Troper was hooked from the off-set.
  • Anytime you upgrade the Combat Cross in one of Gandolfi's crypts. The fantastically designed magitek along with accompanying Ethereal Choir makes it so damn awesome!
  • Zobek's Big Damn Heroes introduction, catching Gabriel's thrown silver dagger in a blizzard from fifty feet up is pretty damn impressive.
  • Cornell boasts of his immortality... Gabriel shows him who the true warrior is. The Lycan Lord activates his true form. Belmont proceeds to wreck the brute with both the Dark Gauntlet and the Combat Cross's grapple and spiked chain to keep him off balance, destroy all of his power totems, rendering him mortal; then beat him to near-death with his own war-hammer until the head snaps off he bashes the bastard with such power, before driving the jagged broken haft into his mouth and up into his brain. Belmont: 5 - Dark Lord: 0.
  • The view of the oncoming spires of Bernhard Castle from the blizzard-sunk forest.
  • Gabriel and Zobek working together to foil the abbey's many traps and dangers.
  • Saving Wygol Village from the arch-demon Brauner and his vampire raiding party with your new holy water grenades.
  • The battle in the castle refectory, against the grotesque cook known as the Evil Butcher.
  • Gabriel versus Carmilla.
  • The final battle between Gabriel and Satan. Good. God. That's easily one of the most epic boss battles ever.
  • Gabriel snatching the Forgotten One's power for himself right in front of the Demon Lord and cementing his place as the Prince of Darkness, Dracula, by obliterating the invincible, extra-dimensional God of the Elemental Plain of Darkness with a single shot.