Awesome / Beelzebub

  • Aoi Kunieda showing us why she's the strongest girl in the school by blowing out all the windows with a wooden sword. Even Oga is impressed, if not a little scared.
    • She later cuts Sakaki's sword in half with a wooden ruler!
    • She also takes down several skinheads in the blink of an eye... using an umbrella.
  • Any time that Natsume gets serious, like wiping the floor with Tojo's underlings (who even two combined Tohoshinki couldn't defeat) in seconds, or casually stepping in to kick one of the Six Knights clear across the room.
  • Giant Baby Beel vs. the Mountain's Master. Bonus points to Athrun for being the coolest cucumber around (and lifting a fifty-foot baby with one hand).
  • Every single one of Oga's fights with Tojo, though the first one on the riverbank really stands out.
  • Oga obliterating Kiriya with a lightning bolt after unleashing his full demonic powers. The Oh, Crap! look on Kiriya's face says it all.
  • The victory against En in End Of War 4, with Himekawa buying the ENTIRE game so they can win utilising giant combining mecha and zombies.
  • Tojo fighting Graphiel. This is a human, albeit with the Charles Atlas Super Power, taking on a full demon while technically unconscious and actually HITTING HIM. Just readhere.
  • Ever wondered why En has three wet nurses while Beel only gets one? Well, it turns out, Hilda's more than equal to three wet nurses, which she proves by curbstomping said three wet nurses in a fit of rage. Then she goes after and defeats Hecadoth!
  • Oga shows up after his training. What are the effects of it? Well for one he curbstomps Hecadoth, the same demon who curbstomped him before. It's so awesome that even Hilda is left speechless.
    • Then he goes above and beyond all that by following up with SUPER MILK TIME!
  • Kunieda manages to match Hilda in a fight! Thanks to divine energy.
  • Chapter 117: A showdown between badass grandpas! Genma (St. Ishiyama's principal), Aoi's grandfather Ittosai, and Saotome fight against Behemoth, who not only manages to dodge all his opponents' attacks but also reveals that he built a new school beside St. Ishiyama specifically for En.
  • Aoi shows that she's learned some new tricks, effectively using her newfound demonic powers to defeat a demon in Behemoth's Pillar Squad in one sweet Single-Stroke Battle.
  • A tournament arc approaches! So Oga shows up early, by himself, and just starts punching out every single one of the 400+ opponents before the tournament actually begins. His greatest challenge is keeping count of the number of demons he's massacred.
    • He takes down even the elite forces with a single strike each. He blocked a knife with his teeth. And he tells everyone left that he's not going to let a single one of them get away, and declared that they were wrong: he did NOT come alone. He came to kick their ass along with their king (who himself Took a Level in Badass and performs a Bare-Handed Blade Block on a giant battle-ax)!
    • Tojo joins in on the fun, poised to take on two pillar heads! WITHOUT demonic energy or any other kind of power. Just brute strength.
    • Pillar Head Quetzalcoatl has set up a game Oga or Tojo must beat — Sudoku! It seems impossible, until Himekawa calls Oga and says that he has the board on visual from a hacked security camera (or something ) and can tell Oga how to solve it. Then after Oga does so Quetzalcoatl reveals that there are three more games that must be completed to get though the door, and they are hidden all over the school. Cue game one being found by Kanzaki's Crew and Isabella, game two being found by the Red Tails and Satura, and game three being found by the Six Knights. EPIC!
    • Chapters 137-138 as a whole. Oga and Tojo both rushing Jabberwock together after Jabberwock had almost killed Hilda. Oga hitting Jabberwock with a relentless fist combo before Jabberwock brings Oga down, bringing Tojo to help him. Then Oga reveals he isn't done yet before ending the chapter. Chapter 138 then gives us Jabberwock attempting to kill Oga but he stops him with one kick! After, the most epic name for a kick is delivered by Oga and a huge punch demolishes the whole school!
  • Say hello to Izo and his Finger Poke of Doom.
  • In Chapter 152, to try and get back at Kanzaki and Tojo, thugs kidnap Futaba and Yuka. They believe that no one can get to them, since the two girls are held in a rooftop suite that only VIP guests can enter. Obviously, they haven't met Himekawa yet.
  • The improvised Rice Boy show, with realistic fight scenes, awesome teamwork and a special appearance by Behemoth.
  • Oga defeating a Scary Black Man and reigning cage fighter champion with a single kick.
  • Chapter 167: Hilda vs The Martial Kings, the four strongest of San Marx Private Fine Arts Academy. Hilda kicks their asses, in only 5 pages and without killing any of them.
    Hilda: The Four Martial Kings...? Don't make me laugh. Kunieda, by herself, is still a more formidable opponent.
  • Furuichi's whole ice-cool rampage aided by the power of demons from Behemoth's Pillar Squad as familiars.
  • Oga's rematch with Furuichi. Furuichi eventually summons Behemoth — possibly the strongest demon seen so far in the series — to his aid resulting in a titanic clash whose force splits the river, and Oga appears to win anyway, plus drags them both back to shore afterward.
  • Even more awesome is that in Chapter 173 after the rematch, Oga states that when he and Furuichi first fought he thought that Furuichi was his strongest opponent yet. In Chapters 174 and 175, we see the first fight between Oga (who as an elementary kid is shown to be able to beat teenagers easily) and Furuichi in a flashback. The Curb-Stomp Battle goes as expected, but Furuichi turns out to be a Determinator who just won't give up trying to be Oga's friend and earns his respect. It really says something about Furuichi's will.
  • Kanzaki and Yuka are arguing about the Indirect Kiss challenge they've been given during the Best Couples Grand Prix, when they're interrupted by their opponents... and proceed to floor them with a synchronised drop kick.
  • Oga and Tojo have their long-awaited rematch... on a Twister mat! Oga sure knows how to take a hit.
  • In the Best Couple Grand Prix finals, Izo and Aoi vs Oga and Hilda manages to keep you right on the edge of your seat, since the former Took a Level in Badass and the latter are Not Left Handed.
  • Getting his head planted in the ceiling by Nasubi barely slows Oga down (and only serves to mildly piss him off).
  • "Shut up! He is our boss. The top dog of our school." Uttered by KANZAKI of all people! Followed up by him revealing that he has become infused with Oga's Zebub power.
    • Made even better when in a following chapter, Nasubi brags while fighting Oga about Kanzaki being his 'Knight' yet still unable to match one of his own, only to then see that while he and Oga were battling Kanzaki took out all of Nasubi's crew by himself.
  • What is better than knocking Nasubi on his ass once? Doing the same thing to at least a DOZEN of his clones. Bonus points for their bodies stuck in the ceiling forming a giant "DAH!"
  • Chapter 201: Having just returned to her rightful position as leader of the Red Tails, Kunieda's first act in said position is to defeat ALL of Tabako's demon-powered underlings in one move. THEN, she proceeds to curb-stomp Tabako.
    Kunieda:*to Tabako* "You're such a bitch."
  • Furuichi in the Return to Ishiyama arc is actually doing his legend justice. He acts as the mastermind of the group and they all seem to defer to his advice without question.
    • In Chapter 204 after being captured and beaten, Furuichi deduces the true Bigger Bad behind the Upstarts getting demonic powers and tries to escape. Just when it looks like he has been captured again, he is shown to have kept the demonic tissues and takes out the biggest member of the group with one punch.
  • Tojo's entrance at the end of Chapter 208. A Big Damn Heroes if ever there was one.
  • After hearing Takamiya's Freudian Excuse, Oga's response:
    Oga: What it all boils down that you're just a sulking brat.
    Takamiya: Excuse me?
    Oga: And sorry to inform you, but looking after just one brat is more than enough for me.
    [cue Epic Giant Crest in the sky knocking out Lucifer and leaving Takamiya to fight on his own]
    • It takes Oga a grab, gut punch, and kick to send Takamiya flying.
    • Saotome, watching, states that Oga, Oga of all people, invented a whole new technique. And it's fueled by his inner Papa Wolf.
  • 216: A Big Damn Heroes...from Baby Beel!
  • 217: Good God Himekawa. He's the third king crest holder and has been faking defection the whole time. The machine? It broke the bond between Oga and Beel, causing power to build up just like it did during the Tojo Arc. He was just waiting for the spell master hanging out with him to state that so much had built up that Takamiya and Lucifer had no chance. He then destroys the machine without a thought and reveals his crest was just a sticker. Cue giant sky crest.
  • 223: Misaki beat the tar out of a member of the Solomon Company with zero effort at all. She's Oga's big sis, after all!
  • 228: Oga beat the shit out the boss of Solomon Company's local demon contractor thugs in one blow. Offscreen. Without letting him finish his obligatory badguy rant...
  • 231: Fueled by Baby Beel's rage of seeing his wheel-chair bound mother being hit by a Solomon Company crony, Oga beats the living crap out of Solomon Company's Johan and uses his body to break through and free Madam Iris (Baby Beel's mother) from the flesh-eating barrier that trapped her. Doubles as Heartwarming at the sight of Beel's protectiveness of his mother.
    • What brought it on was Johan's casual dismissal of Oga's feelings for Beel as though he was his own son, comparing him to an idiot bird that raised the chick of another bird that placed its offspring there. Madam Iris took exception to that, trying her best to force herself through the barrier first to give Johan a piece of her mind. There's a reason why the current Demon Lord married this woman.
  • 235: With a lot of their comrades down and Fuji's evil powers turning everyone to stone, who do the Pillar Squad go to back up and make a contract with, of their own free will? Furuichi.
  • 239: Oga's gathering power to overwhelm Fuji and Satan, and suddenly, Beel's King's Crest begins appearing on virtually every member of the cast in sight, letting Oga draw on them as well. The readers saw Kanzaki manifest Beel's crest with the number "1". What number does Furuichi acquire? Zero. He truly is Oga's first and best supporter. (Alternatively, it's another crack at Furuichi's Butt-Monkey status. Either works.)