Tear Jerker / Beelzebub

For all its Funny, Awesome, and Heartwarming moments, there are still many times that pull on the heartstrings.
  • Unsurprisingly, this trope is initially parodied in Chapter 43.
  • It's played much, much straighter, however, with Hilda's Heroic Sacrifice.
    Hilda: The Master is now in your care. You're the only father he has in this world...
  • And again in Chapter 141, as Hilda cries over how Oga keeps on insisting that she needs to get her memories back and refusing to accept her as she is.
    Hilda: Am I really that unwanted?
  • En's breakdown at the end of the Akuma Academy arc. While the scene is mostly Played for Laughs, it's still hard not to feel sorry for the little guy, especially if you've been abandoned before.
  • Baby Beel crying over his self-sacrifice with Oga in Episode 60.
  • In Chapter 155, after his defeat, Izo Aiba covers his face, puts on a Broken Smile, and says this:
  • The Reveal in Chapter 173 that Furuichi knew all along that the tissues granting him the power of demons are slowly killing him. He's just so weary of being the Butt-Monkey that he's willing to risk his own life if it means having a taste of what it's like to be one of the main characters.
    • This could be seen as a brutal case of Reality Ensues, since what Furuichi experiences is technically bullying and many victims develop low self-esteem and become suicidal.
  • Chapter 207: After chapters of Furuichi showing how much of a badass he was, he got his heart ripped out and died. Temporarily.
    • Beelzebub is a pretty violent manga, but the gravity of the situation hits home when Tojo sees Furuichi lying in a puddle of blood with a gaping hole in his chest and has a complete Freak Out!.
  • In Chapter 220, Lucifer proves that she truly valued her time with Takamiya, after she takes a knife blow that was meant to kill him. If that wasn't enough, she then desperately pleads not to be taken away from him, all while he cradles her in his arms.
  • Chapter 231: Two words - "Da da."
  • In 236 Kunieda call Oga out for his real reason for not calling Beel back that he secretly fears Beel loves Iris more than he loves Oga. Then Kunieda is turned to stone while still yelling at him.
    • Chapter 236 has officially hit Darkest Hour. Even Tojo is petrified. Even Furuichi is implied to be petrified.