And The Fandom Rejoiced / New Media

Some web originals are more original than others.

  • Believe it or not, TV Tropes itself had such a moment. Okay, so we dumped Fetish Fuel articles a while ago, and they ended up on Wikia. Too bad Wikia is infamous for giving advertisements the top priority over page content itself. Okay, Fetish Fuel wasn't that vital anyway--WHAT?!? They're doing the same for Troper Tales?!? Oh no, we won't allow this! Tv Tropes is Ruined FOREVA—what? IT IS NOT ON WIKIA (not anymore)?!? REALLY?!? YAY! SCREW YOU AND YOUR FRIGGIN' ADS, WIKIA! IN YOUR FACE!!!
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged season two is likely going to blow, they're going for the Namek Saga, well known for it's Arc Fatigue, and- LittleKuriboh is voicing Frieza!?! This is gonna be worth watching!
  • Man Neopets has been going downhill for years, and this plot won't end any differently. It's gonna be cut off for another Gamesmaster Challenge, and - HOLY CRAP, Xandra's evil? And did she just CRASH FAERIELAND INTO NEOPIA?! And she actually killed Hubrid?! Hell yeah!
    • Oh look. The fifteenth anniversary happened. Nothing really special, aside from maybe some pieces of cake and some neopoint bonu- WAIT WAIT WAIT, HOLD THE PHONE, A NEW NEOPET SPECIES!? THE FIRST ONE IN 12 YEARS!? YEEEEEEEES!
  • Homestar Runner is dead. I don't know why, but the Chaps seem to have forgotten about it. They haven't updated it in almost a year and- HOLY CRAP, A NEW TOON! YES! (After that, another year passed without updates.)
    • Someday, when you least expect it.
    • After the lengthiest hiatus they've ever had (caused by Mike and Missy having a child and the Chaps themselves pursuing fruitful careers in animation), Homestar Runner suddenly updated on April Fools Day 2014, with a cartoon mocking the site's inactivity. This alone was enough to warrant several news articles lauding the apparent comeback of the site, but the future was still uncertain. Co-creator Matt Chapman stated in an interview a couple months later that this was a test to see how a renewal would be received, and the result was "more ... than we ever even imagined." He also expressed hope that they would start making more material in the fall, and - sure enough - the first official update in over four years was released on October 3.
      • As part of their renewal, Strong Bad has opened an official account on Twitter. Soon after "Fish Eye Lens" was released, he posted this. Return of sbemail, anyone?
  • *Sigh* Eddsworld is finally ending, which is rather sad since this troper did enjoy- OH MY GOODNESS, TORD IS BACK!!
  • Ugh, Linkara put off part three of Cry For Justice to review a Power Rangers Zeo comi- Mechakara?! The Gold Powerstaff?! An original Zeo Ranger suit?! Battleizer? Judas Liz? Neutro?!! And Vyce hasn't even attacked yet folks, there's still more coming!
  • Bleh, Trinton Chronicles has gotten stale and boring... wait, did they just start again? Whoa, Aurora has other powers aside from dream control!? HOLY-SHYTE, DID THEY JUST BLOW UP THE WHOLE POLICE STA... WHHHAAT!? AWESOME!!!
  • There was much rejoicing when it was announced that Marble Hornets was doing a second season. And even more rejoicing when they announced they were releasing a DVD of the first, complete with special features and bloopers.
    • I have a feeling that it was less rejoicing and more screams of absolute terror.
  • Wow, this season 8 of Red vs. Blue seems to be just like the othe-Whoa! Did they just go all CG on us?!?. They hired WHO?!?!?
    • So, Rooster Teeth's doing another series... hmmmm, it looks CG, bleh, what happened to all the machinima they used to do...
    Ship captain, speaking in a very distinctive Southern drawl: Angel On My Shoulder, This is Director Church.
    Audience:Squee!! Cheer! Assorted exuberance!
    • Oh, Season 10 had its first trailer officially released, hmmm... a recap of all the plot points that are supposed to be brought back to light this time, ending off where the last season left off... wow, that creepy orange AI's Sigma, right, and he sure sounds familiar- Wait, Elijah Wood?!
    • They're doing another series of Immersion? And Gavin and Michael are the guinea pigs this season? Hell. Freaking Yeah. Complete with a new snazzy intro and a series of fun challenges.
    • So season 10 is over but half the episode is left... O.K. what is this... a new series by Monty Oum? 30 seconds later the fandom rejoiced so hard that the term "shit fit" doesn't even begin to describe it. RWBY probably caused more waves then the Art Shift in season 8 did.
      • When the "White" trailer was announced for Valentine's day another round of rejoicing ensued.
      • The announcement of Volume 2 having all episodes be at least 12 minutes long, fixing one of the biggest complaints about the first Volumes episodes in general being far to short with some exceptions. Immense celebrating ensued.
      • The second OP's release on May 23 depicted a horde of new characters, lots of fuel for Epileptic Trees, and a typically awesome new theme song. The fans were pleased.
  • Italian web series Skypocalypse, as pointed out in a Youtube comment for their third episode:
    "Editing by Cannato Flavio? O_O You just won the Internet. :D"
  • That Guy with the Glasses is doing their third year anniversary? Well all right, but I don't know how they can top last yea- WHOA. What are they doing in that preview dressed up as fictional characters? You have intrigued me, good sirs and madams.
    • Suede?!!!!
    • And now they're making a fourth one.
  • You know, we haven't heard much from the Everyman HYBRID boys or Noah of Tribe Twelve. I wonder what the- Noah just received a letter from HABIT? Crossover!
  • Can't stand Bowser Junior from Super Mario Logan, I wonder if—WAIT, BOWSER JUNIOR IS GOING TO MILITARY SCHOOL SOON?! YYAAAAAAAAAAAY!!note 
  • Awww... Why is The Angry Video Game Nerd not making as many videos anymore—WAIT WHAT?? AN ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD FULL LENGTH MOVIE IN PRODUCTION?! AHHHHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!