AATAFOVS / Revenge Of Xanatos

Series of spin off novels focusing on the AATAFOVS villains Lord Blødmaw, 735th Vampire Archduke of The Unblinking Eye and Al Gore, Cro-Magnon High Deacon and their various nefarious plots. Eventually growing to span 15 books published in 28 volumes notable ones include.
Books Include:
  • Time After Crime by Franklin W. Appleton which revolves around High Deacon Gore manipulating the benders into using a time machine to cause him to lose the 2000 presidential election and thus win a Nobel prize.
  • Blodmaw Simple by Philip K. Le Guin where Lord Blødmaw uses the events of the episode The Days Of Knight to get the benders to break up the academic portion of The Brotherhood of the Cold Sun, so his vampires can gain control over the Cro-Magnons and force the Gay Haitian Needle-Drug Yakuza to seek protection with The House of the 1000 Year Night.
  • A Prick In Time by Kim Stanley Asimov spotlights the Gay Haitian Needle-Drug Yakuza, who used their apparent humiliating submission to Lord Blødmaw in Blødmaw Simple to steal Doctor Jorgenheimer's time machine from the Vampire Archdukes for Al Gore. Due to constant use of Primer-type TimeMachines, by the end of the novel there are 30 versions each of Lord Blødmaw, Al Gore, and Thag McLarg.
  • Ninety Xanatos Pile Up by Stephen Nealson is where things start getting complex as 17 of the Al Gore's independently launch Operation Xanatos against each other, Lord Blødmaw, Thag McLarg, and coherency. The novel, which ended up getting published in 14 volumes, is concerned with all of the schemes between the 60 different time travel created copies of Lord Blødmaw and Al Gore each trying to gain control of the other versions of himself and out scheme the copies of the other one. The 30 copies of Thag McLarg are either being manipulated by everyone, or brilliantly playing everyone against everyone else, it's not clear even he knows which he's doing.