AATAFOVS / A Horse Divided

This novel is usually loathed by most fans, mainly because of the way Professor Van Doom is depicted, although it was the first time Louis Frank-Field Weiner appears in any media. The novels deals with the terrible consequences of a Deal with the Devil gone wrong, when Solo McPotter accidently falls into Necropedia's hands (figurativly speaking, of course), after performing the ritual of Ztn'thang'cKh'uk while trying to save Cleo.

When untold power (at the cost of becoming a half half centaur with horse legs) is offered by Necropedia, Solo falls into temptation and, becoming a twisted robotic cloned version of himself (some fans say this is the real origin of Avatar Leeroy), starts hunting the Vamp Benders. The plot then thickens when Chicken Beaux and Professor Van Doom show up trying to stop Solo, as commanded by Joe (although Joe himself is only mentioned in the novel). Hilarity Ensues.

In the end, the Vamp Benders return Solo to normal, with the help of a misterious stranger, later revealed to be the previously only hinted at (in the anime) member of the council, Louis Frank-Field Weiner. His final prophecy, however, that one of the Vamp Benders will die of hunger by overeating if they meet again, haunts the Vamp Benders over the next novels.

Professor Van Doom is famously depicted as a great imperial lord (not to be confused with Count Sinister Von Doomsday), dressed in imperial regalia (and, for no reason, a tiara) with a "acquired" taste for cough drops and a terrible aversion towards jars of pickled ducks (both important plot points used in the follow up novels). The biggest gripe fans have is that Van Doom hates Countess Fifi Sirena in this novel (who isn't even a Countess in this depiction) and is in love with Juliet Reed instead. That, the strange behaviour of Solo, the tiara...