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Table of Contents
Let's mix it up at Atelier Rorona!
by WillyFourEyes
Introduction and a Little Background
Prologue: Atelier Astrid To Be Shut Down! Atelier Rorona Is Now Open!2
1: Frixell and Feuerbach Frolic in Forest as Royals Request Resources!
2: Pie-in-the-Sky Alchemist Hires Local Chef As Bodyguard! Local Rich Girl Stunned!2
3: Judgment Day! His Majesty's First Evaluation of Atelier Rorona!
4: Frixell Seen Mining for Gunpowder! Dangerous Experiments Afoot?
5: Reached the End of the Road? Blast Your Way Through!2
6: When A New Weapon Gets Involved, You Must Equip It!
7: No Request is Too Special When Rorolina Frixell is On the Job!
8: Miner Vacation Provides Major Benefits!
9: Royal Knight Sterk Puts In Work, And A Puppeteer Makes The Crowd Cheer!
10: Meow-za! Lionela's Puppet Cats Can Talk?!
11: Bounty! The Quicker Ripper Upper!