Let's mix it up at Atelier Rorona!

Willy Four Eyes

2: Pie-in-the-Sky Alchemist Hires Local Chef As Bodyguard! Local Rich Girl Stunned!

Year 1, Month 1, Day 20

Rorona feels like she's able to do some alchemy, now that she has enough ingredients. She looks over her requests to see which recipe she should do first, and starts out with Sterk's cups of Black Tea, which require some sort of Plant and Water to get right. After she completes it, she decides to take a break and bake some pie. The smell of the pie alerts Astrid, who is impressed by Rorona's cooking skills but forbids her from baking any further pies, suggesting that she use Alchemy to create them from now on.

Year 1, Month 1, Day 22

Rorona is ready to make some Blank Stew, but realizes that she's short on spices and water, so she buys an extra Candied Branch from Tiffani's shop. After scooping up some water from the nearby well, she makes five bowls of the stuff. Mmm...tasty!

Year 1, Month 1, Day 24

Next, the Alchemy Coal. It requires a Plant, which she has plenty of, and some type of gunpowder, which she doesn't have anymore. For that, Rorona checks in with Hagel to pick up some Phlogistons. She also purchases a handful of Fests so that she can fulfill his request for Polish Powder.

Year 1, Month 1, Day 28

With all of her requests fulfilled, Rorona goes to the palace to speak with Sterk and Esty, and then to Artisan's Way to make her deliveries to Iksel and Hagel. She makes a note of all of the ingredients that she'll need to collect to complete her assignment: any type of Plant and some Gunpowder to produce Alchemy Coal; a pair of Fests to make Polish Powder (which for the moment can be purchased from Hagel until she finds a good spot for them); and two plants, a Supplement and some Water to make Zettel...a fancy name for Arland paper. Feeling a bit burned out after doing so much Alchemy, she goes to Astrid's favorite couch and rests for a few days.

Year 1, Month 1, Day 30

Rorona picks up a few new jobs at Esty's place: gather two Puniballs (which she already has), four batches of Magic Grass, and three Forest Cabbages. The Puniball request doesn't net her much money, but it does raise her rep a little bit. With no other requests for now, she heads back to the nearby forest with Iksel and Cordelia in search of more ingredients, this time with her mind on scoring points for her assignment. Cordelia looks over Iksel, and doesn't think he has what it takes to defend himself in the wild. He shows off his handy frying pan, but neither of them is impressed.

Year 1, Month 2, Day 1

The group picks up where they left off by going to the Puni Woods. Iksel is on the hunt for ingredients, and finds a Mudhead mushroom by Rorona's feet. He gives it to her, saying that he doesn't like the taste.

Rorona finds an Eicheloa mushroom, the first one she's found on her trip. It's still only one, which isn't enough to satisfy Cordelia' curiosity. At least Rorona knows what one looks like now...

  • New resources found: Eicheloa, Eiche, Mudhead

Year 1, Month 2, Day 3

Rorona and co. leave through the western path to a new mountainous area. Wild wolves have marked this territory as their own. They're a bit more resistant than Punis, and can stare down their opponents, scaring them and lowering their Defense.

Just across the first bridge, Rorona spots an "uncommon resource" point, marked by a gold star. She picks up a Beehive from it, which looks like it would make good gunpowder material. There's also a chest with a Healing Salve nearby, so she pockets that as well.

At the end of the path, they find a wolf flanked by a pair of Mandragoras, whose cry can lower their attack power. They defeat the monsters and take their loot back to the workshop, waiting until next time to see what lies ahead for them.

  • Resources in this area: Eicheloa, Pebbles, Beehive, Mudhead, Eiche
  • Monster drops: Dead Beast (from Wolves), Beast Fur (from Wolves), Mandra Root (from Mandragoras)

Year 1, Month 2, Day 6

Rorona turns in her requests for Esty, and then takes a walk into the town square. She sees a tall tower over yonder, which seems to bring back pleasant memories for her. Cordelia, who normally hangs out at the square, wonders what's got Rorona so misty-eyed. Rorona reminds her that the two of them used to play around the Ortoga Ruins when they were little. She also thinks that it would be a great place to pick up minerals, metals, and the like. Rorona suddenly remembers about the Eicheloas that she picked up into the forest, and returns to the workshop to retrieve them for Cordelia, but she gets distracted by a book for making pies with alchemy. The Alchemy Pie Making book contains a recipe for Plain Pie.

Tiffani's request for Eicheloas is still open, so Rorona shares some of her stash with her.

Hagel and Iksel each want some more Polish Powder and Alchemy Coal, so Rorona prepares some extra ingredients for them so that she has enough left over to complete her assignment.

She goes back to the store to meet up with Cordelia, where she's being bothered by a group of street kids asking her for money. Cordelia walks off in a huff when she notices Rorona.

Year 1, Month 2, Day 9

Rorona gives a few of her Alchemy Coal hunks to Iksel, and turns the rest in to Sterk at the Palace, earning a little bit of credit toward her assignment. She then puts some extra effort into making her Polish Powder, which takes a couple of days to complete.

Year 1, Month 2, Day 14

Rorona's parents return from their trip and offer her some souvenirs - two each of Mandra Roots, Dead Beast meat and Puniballs. Odd presents, for sure, but at least they'll help her out with her alchemy work.

She gives two of her Polish Powder pouches to Hagel, and the other three to Sterk for her assignment. Her current evaluation is at four stars, which is "just good enough to get by", but she's still not satisfied.


You know, I can't exactly figure out how beehives would make good gunpowder material. Call me an idiot, but wouldn't that make the mixture a fair bit...sticky? Is the key ingredient the honey stored inside, or the wax?

Odd questions aside, it seems that Rorona's on top of things, going above and beyond what's required while still making time for her friends. You're doing a superb job, and I eagerly await the next installment.
EndarkCuli 18th Dec 10
I'll bet it's the wax. Then again, the plausibility of some video game alchemy/item crafting recipes confounds me.
WillyFourEyes 18th Dec 10