Let's mix it up at Atelier Rorona!

Willy Four Eyes

4: Frixell Seen Mining for Gunpowder! Dangerous Experiments Afoot?

Year 1, Month 4, Day 1

Rorona is so excited to receive her new assignment that she forgets that she only has a recipe for making barrels — two parts liquid, two Eiches, and a bottle of Supplement. She attempts to make a mad dash to Tiffani's to see if she has recipes for the other two items when she catches Tiffani locking up her store to visit her husband's grave. With the store locked up tight for the day, Rorona can't get the books or materials she needs, so she takes some assignments from Esty, Sterk and Iksel.

Hagel has changed his mind about making weapons for Rorona, but in order to do so, she has to supply him with the necessary materials. To make weapons, Hagel needs metal ingots, and he needs cloth to fashion some armor for her and her friends. He says that materials for ingots can be made at the Arland National Mines, a three days' journey west of the town. Rorona finds herself in luck, as Hagel's Making Cannons book has just what she's looking for.

She heads back to the workshop to etch the recipes into her mind (Ingots require two helpings of ore; cloth requires two threads of some sort; bombs can be made from two bundles of Phlogiston and some gunpowder, and a cannon requires gunpowder, an ingot and some supplement).

Year 1, Month 4, Day 2

The team heads toward the Ortoga Ruins forest to see what sort of ingredients they can find. Iksel spots some delicious-looking Triberries among the grass. They only seem to grow in this area, but nobody knows why. There are some Cobaltberries here as well, which aren't as interesting because they only come in one color. The Green Punis and Wolves roaming the area don't much appreciate trespassers, but they're not much more than EXP fodder for our heroes.

The path splits off in two directions at the ends. The path to the north isn't guarded (which leads east on the map for some reason), but the path to the east (which leads northeast on the map) has a bird beast called an Audra guarding it. Cordelia suggests that they take the northern path.

  • Resources in this area: Triberries, Cobaltberries, Beehives
  • Enemies: Green Punis, Wolves

Year 1, Month 4, Day 3

The mountainous area doesn't have any enemies, but it does have plenty of rocks, useful for creating her recipes. Rorona gathers as much as she can, then heads back home once her basket is filled up.

  • Resources in this area: Phlogistons, Fests, Pebbles

Year 1, Month 4, Day 5

Now that Tiffani's store has reopened, Rorona goes shopping for ingredients. She's disappointed that she isn't able to find any new recipes, but she takes what she can in order to whip up some pies for Sterk and some more Alchemy Coal for Iksel.

Year 1, Month 4, Day 10

Rorona completes a few side jobs to earn some more money and bring her trust with the city up to about 10%, which is 10% higher than it was when Astrid was in charge. With a little more work, she's able to push that number up to 12%.

Year 1, Month 4, Day 11

Rorona's assignment demans attention, so she purchases some Phlogistons from Hagel to create a few bombs. She isn't quite confident enough to make ingots yet, because there's still a 5% chance of messy failure. The bomb-making gives her the experience she needs, and somehow doesn't alert Astrid to her shenanigans. After a brief break to prevent herself from overworking, she crafts an intimidating-looking Cannon.

Year 1, Month 4, Day 21

She turns in the completed bombs to Sterk, who says that her work is good enough to give her five out of ten stars. Still somewhat dissatisfied, Rorona heads back to the ruins with Cordelia and Iksel in search of more items.

Year 1, Month 4, Day 22

This time, they head toward the path guarded by the Audra. The bird attacks them as soon as they approach, whipping up its feathers and hitting them all at once with some Razor Wind. It takes them a while to beat the monsters, with Iksel's bacon-and-eggs meal keeping them in fighting shape in lieu of actual healing salves or other medicine.

  • New enemy: Audra
  • Monster Drops: Audra's Tail (from Audras)

Year 1, Month 4, Day 23

The crew reaches deeper into the mine, with wooden bridges built precariously above ground. They don't worry too much about falling off, as the rope and stakes seem to be holding up well enough. There's also a large windmill in the area, but they don't see any machines that look like they need powering, nor is there any crew to run it.

The path splits off again. An Audra guards the north route that goes even further into the mine, while the eastern alcove features a dead-end full of squishy Green Punis.

  • Enemies: Wolves, Audra, Green Punis
  • Resources: Beast Fur, Dead Beast, Audra's Tail

Year 1, Month 4, Day 25

Rorona and company opt to go toward the Green Puni habitat. A group of them is guarding a treasure chest containing a Barrel. There's still more work to be done, but with Rorona's basket reaching the overflowing point again, she decides to call it a day and return to the workshop for more crafting.

  • Resources: Audra's Tail, Puniball