Let's mix it up at Atelier Rorona!

Willy Four Eyes

3: Judgment Day! His Majesty's First Evaluation of Atelier Rorona!

Year 1, Month 2, Day 14

Rorona looks at her assignment list one more time, and realizes that she hasn't made any sheets of Zettel yet. She whips up some supplements from the best raw materials she has in her basket, and spends the rest of the week finishing it off. Sterk is pleased with the results, as it brings her evaluation up to a cool 8 stars.

Year 1, Month 2, Day 21


Year 1, Month 2, Day 24

Rorona's feeling hungry for Cabbage Soup and Pie, so she runs out to the cafe to buy some ingredients from Iksel and Tiffani. The process of making enough batches for everyone takes two days. Rorona is okay with the results, but prefers baking pies to creating them through alchemy.

Year 1, Month 2, Day 26

Time to find some more work before evaluation time ends. Someone is in the market for the Cabbage soup dishes Rorona just made, so she turns them in to Esty for a tidy sum. She also gets some requests for Forest Cabbage, Phlogiston, and a half-dozen Mandra Roots. Tiffani's looking for more Eicheloa, and Iksel wants some more Alchemy Coal right away. Rorona takes a shortcut and gets some of the Phlogiston from Hagel to satisfy one of her clients' requests, and then gets to work on the Alchemy Coal for Iksel.

Year 1, Month 2, Day 28

Rorona takes her friends back to the Wolf Habitat in search of Eicheloas.

Year 1, Month 2, Day 29

After doing a bit of battle, the team has earned enough combat experience to learn some new techniques. Rorona learns how to fire a blinding beam of light from her alchemy staff, Cordelia can fire off a quick burst of fire (though it isn't very accurate because she pulls the gun out of her holster so fast, leaving little time to aim), and Iksel can whip up a quick HP-restoring batch of food on the spot—no heat source necessary.

Before proceeding to the lake area, they all stop for a bite to eat to ensure they're at full strength when searching.

Year 1, Month 3, Day 1

This area is populated with Mandragoras, which have the Mandra Roots Rorona is looking for. They are usually flanked by Punis to protect them from attack, but the team tries to defeat them first before their poisonous spores take effect, usually with good results. The Mandragora's shriek is another danger to the team, it it weakens them for a bit.

Halfway down the path, Rorona spots a large, fragile-looking rock. The three of them can't seem to get past it, nor can they get past the lake up ahead without some sort of item to either freeze the lake or go underwater. As they turn back, Rorona hears a flapping noise in one of the nearby trees. A carrier pigeon arrives with a message from Sterk, notifying her that the deadline is approaching.

  • Resources in this area: Eiche, Uni, Mudhead.
  • Monster drops: Mandra Root (from Mandragoras)

Year 1, Month 3, Day 3

Rorona realizes that she still doesn't have enough Eicheloas or Forest Cabbages, so she spends a few more days in the forest searching for them before returning home.

Year 1, Month 3, Day 7

Rorona reports her findings to Esty to receive her payment, and then puts her nose and hands to the cauldron over the next two weeks, hoping to get the best possible evaluation for her assignment.

Year 1, Month 3, Day 21

With the deadline approaching, Rorona takes a few simple requests to help make back a little of the money she's spent on ingredients.

Year 1, Month 3, Day 26

Rorona goes home to visit her parents, but of course they aren't home. They were kind enough to leave a note and some souvenirs from their last trip (two each of Beast Fur, Audra's Tails and Mandra Roots.) She then goes out to buy a Durable Skirt to better help protect Cordelia against monster attacks. She doesn't have enough to get a new suit for Iksel yet, but she promises to save up some money for him for later.

With nothing else to take on for this quarter, she rests until the 30th.

Year 1, Month 3, Day 30

The first evaluation period is over, and Rorona is called into the royal palace for the results of her first assignment. Sterk is impressed that she handled the assignment so easily. She's surprised that she was able to do so well, and he tries to cheer her up before handing out the next assignment: bombs for development in the mines. She is to submit as many Barrels, Bombs and Cannons she can produce before the halfway point of the year. Better quality items will get her a better evaluation.

After Rorona leaves, Minister Meredith Alcock approaches Sterk, wondering why Atelier Rorona hasn't been shut down yet. Alcock is strictly business, and doesn't like the idea of the king changing his mind so easily about the plans for construction where the workshop is supposed to be.

Later on in the day, Sterk surprises Rorona at her workshop by offering to help her out whenever she leaves town from now on. Because Sterk rarely ever smiles, she still wonders if she did something to make him mad.