Let's mix it up at Atelier Rorona!

Willy Four Eyes

8: Miner Vacation Provides Major Benefits!

Year 1, Month 7, Day 15

Rorona has second thoughts about being able to get the Dry Metal to Esty on time, so she cancels the job. Her reputation takes a small hit, but she is able to get in the Heavy Blank Stew, garnering her a little bit more money...just enough to purchase Hagel's Nature & Bombs book, which teaches her the art of making Lightning and Bag Bombs.

Year 1, Month 7, Day 20

The crew visits the National Mines for the first time, which is a three days' journey west from Arland. Rorona wanted to stop and have lunch with Iksel, but she forgot it in all her excitement. Iksel disappears for a few moments to make some lunch of his own. It tastes good to Rorona, but gets suspicious when Iksy won't eat any himself, or tell her what's in it.

Year 1, Month 7, Day 23

The mine entrance is full of Fuel Dirt and Iron Clay, and appears to be guarded only by the Punies the team's grown all too familiar with so far. There are two branching paths, and they choose the one closest to the entrance, believing it to be "safer".

  • New ingredients: Fuel Dirt, Iron Clay

Year 1, Month 7, Day 24

Rorona spots an egg lying on the ground and wonders if it's safe to eat. Iksel promises to make a giant omelet with it when they get back to Arland, but she declines the offer (probably still wondering what sort of meat he used for their last meal...)

There isn't much to find exploring this corner of the mine, as it leads to a dead end. There are a few lizard-like creatures called Donarns guarding a treasure chest with a Bomb in it. The crew uses some of the special skills they learned from their new weapons to keep them from doing too much damage.

  • New enemy: Donarn (drops Dead Beast)
  • New ingredients: Chainweb, Some Egg, Stim Stone
  • Other ingredients: Pebble, Phlogiston, Poisonhead

Year 1, Month 7, Day 25

They return to the entrance to explore the other path deeper into the mine, but they're stopped by flying creatures called Aphostols. They're pretty strong deapite their small size.

  • New enemy: Aphostol (drops Mandra Root and Pendelook)

Year 1, Month 7, Day 26

More Aphostols and Ghosts. Rorona tries to cure the team's wounds with her Blank Stew. It tastes good enough, but comes with a detrimental side effect of lowering attack power when consumed. (Isn't soup supposed to help with that sort of thing?)

  • New enemy: Ghost

Year 1, Month 8, Day 1

Rorona thanks Iksel and Cordelia for their help, and heads back to her workshop to get cracking on her assignment.

But first, she heads to the palace to visit Esty. Someone is asking for a pair of chunks of Iron Clay, offering an incredibly good reward for it. The client turns out to be Cordelia, who overheard Esty's conversation with Rorona and isn't happy with her blabbing about it.

Rorona is later visited by the gentleman she saw in Tiffani's shop, who is still honor-bound to return the money that Rorona used to pay for his ring. He introduces herself as Gio, and then goes on his way.

When she completes Cordelia's secret request, Rorona finds that she's being ogled by the elderly Tiffani fanboys, who aren't all that impressed, and have figured out that her job must have been an easy one.

Business seems to have picked up at the Sunrise Cafe, thanks to Rorona and Iksel's efforts. As a show of gratitude, he offers her a free meal.