Let's mix it up at Atelier Rorona!

Willy Four Eyes

7: No Request is Too Special When Rorolina Frixell is On the Job!

Year 1, Month 7, Day 1

Rorona takes a look at the sorts of things she'll need to make her new items. Healing Aroma requires some Pure Oil and some kind of Plant. The Beast Statue requires an Eiche log, and some Elixir and a helping of Medicine. Finally, the Witch Salve can be made with a Mandra Root, some Liquid, and something Poisonous. Not that big a deal for someone of her expertise, Rorona thinks.

She goes back to Esty to see what kind of new work is available, and accepts a few requests to bring back some Dead Beast, Audra's Tail, and make a few bowls of Blank Stew, Healing Aromas, and some Ingots containing Dry Metal. After accepting the jobs, Rorona asks Esty why Sterk refers to her as "senior", since he appears to be a bit older than her. The opposite is the case, though; Esty has a few months (or years) on him, as well as more experience. Rorona is tempted to ask just how much older she is, but Esty tells her that it's a bad idea.

Sterk is looking for a few good-quality Barrels (60 or above), and is willing to pay a decent amount of money for them. Cordelia wants a decent-quality Cobaltberry (40 or above), but since they're so common, Cory isn't willing to fork over as much cash.

When she goes to visit Iksel at the Sunrise cafe, she finds him deep in thought over things to add to the dessert menu. Rorona tells him that she found one or two in a book she just read, but didn't look at it very carefully. He says that if she can get it ready for him, it would help out a lot. In the meantime, he asks for more helpings of Alchemy Coal to stoke the fires of the stove.

Her dad's still stalking Miss Tiffani's store. When Rorona catches him, he tries to explain his rationale for visiting the store, but it's lost to her. Even Tiffani's other fanboys don't help her out that much. Tiffani is interested a replacement Frying Pan. Since Iksel traded up to his Training Wok, he lets Rorona sell it to Tiffani for a decent amount of money.

Rorona checks out her stock, and finds that she can fulfill a few of Esty's request without having to explore. Esty's impressed with Rorona's progress, and dares her to try out some more challenging jobs. A few of the requests she's received are looking for specific requirements that would give Rorona greater rewards than if she did them normally. As a demonstration, Esty asks Rorona for three Supplements with a higher quality level than 60.

Year 1, Month 7, Day 3

Making the supplements doesn't take much time or effort at all, as Rorona has plenty of high-quality items. She even decides to make a few more for her other recipes. Esty takes the Supplements from her, and offers a special reward. She brings out a small multi-colored Roulette wheel, with certain squares corresponding to a specific prize. Rorona spins the wheel nervously, and it stops on a space worth 30 Cole (the top prize was 100 cole). For completing the request, she also receives an additional 250 Cole and a ticket from Esty. The tickets can be used to trade for decent items. There are some new requests on the notice board, but Rorona chooses to go back to her workshop and try to finish the requests she has in her backlog.

Tiffani's shop has a new recipe book that shows her how to craft Tonics, Arland Crystals, and Pure Oil.

Year 1, Month 7, Day 4

Rorona finishes Sterk's Barrel request after buying some fresh water from Tiffani's. There's no way she can get Eiche logs with a quality higher than 30, but the strength of the Water and supplements makes up for it. She also does some work on Iksel's and Hagel's requests.

Year 1, Month 7, Day 8

Iksel is selling a Chef's Favorite book that shows one how to make Meister Tarts and Special Meat. They both look delicious, especially the Meister Tarte. Rorona snaps it up immediately, thinking that any excuse to make pie under Astrid's nose is as good a reason as anything.

A second look at a few of the requests Rorona took last week shows that the clients want something more specific. The Blank Stew has to be heavy, the Healing Aromas have to be Cute, and the Dry Metal Ingots have to have a quality rating of 40 or higher. Iksel wonders how one is supposed to make soup "heavy" and still make it palatable to most tongues.

Year 1, Month 7, Day 13

Rorona creates her first batch of Healing Aroma, which kind of looks like a standard bar of soap. She knows that she is supposed to turn some in to satisfy her assignment requirements, but it looks too cute to just give away like that, so she gives them to Esty instead. In addition to her reward for the job, she also gets three Tickets from the wheel.

She realizes that she's run out of spices for her stew, so she buys some from Iksel. The resulting mixture is sufficiently heavy enough for a bonus reward, but she still doesn't know how that's supposed to work.

Year 1, Month 7, Day 15

Tiffani appears to be having trouble with a customer who's given her a ring against her will. From Rorona's perspective, it appears that the gentleman is proposing to her. Not knowing whether or not Tiffani is in any kind of danger, she jumps in and tells him not to give her the ring. Tiffani tells him that it's okay, and that he can pay her back when he has enough money instead of using his expensive ring for collateral. (Oops.) Rorona tries to cover up for her embarrassment by paying for the man's item. This causes him to feel bad for Rorona for covering for him, so he chases after her and tries to give her the ring.

Hagel is offering a book called Nature and Bombs, which shows her how to make Lightning Bombs and Bag Bombs. (Don't try this at home, kids.) Rorona buys it from him, and then turns in her heavy Blank Stew to Esty for some money and an extra Ticket. She still has a few days to fulfill her request for Dry Metal, but doesn't have any ore that can be crafted to make it for the time being.