Let's mix it up at Atelier Rorona!

Willy Four Eyes

5: Reached the End of the Road? Blast Your Way Through!

Year 1, Month 4, Day 27

Rorona completes her Alchemy Coal for Iksel, and then goes back to the Nearby Forest to seek out some more Eicheloa for Tiffani.

Year 1, Month 4, Day 29

But before she does, she gets homesick and decides to go back to her parents' house. This time, Mom and Dad are there to greet Rorona, and they brought back some more uncommon ingredients (Poisonhead mushrooms, a Gravistone and a pair of Pendelook Crystals).

[Author's Note: Playing this game on a high-def TV makes it a lot easier, because there is quite a bit of, um, "fine print" included in item descriptions and what-not.]

Year 1, Month 5, Day 4

It's Rorona's lucky day, as the Wolf habitat has plenty of Eicheloa mushrooms for her to bring back to Tiffani for her small, but well-deserved reward.

Year 1, Month 5, Day 7

The creepy middle-aged Tiffani fanboys are waiting for her to come out and open the store for the day. Rorona is shocked to see her dad among them. After ratting her dad out to Mom, she gives Tiffani the 'shrooms and heads back to the workshop to cook up a few more Bombs. The large boulder near the lake has made her curious...

Year 1, Month 5, Day 11

Rorona gives Cordelia the other Eicheloas she collected before dragging her and Iksel back to the lake.

Year 1, Month 5, Day 12

Rorona feels like taking a drink from the lake water, but her stomach doesn't agree with it, and everyone's HP takes a hit as a result. They wait for a while to try to recover, and use one of Rorona's bombs to blow up the boulder, revealing a path that seems to lead into the deepest part of the woods.

Year 1, Month 5, Day 14

Wolves and Punis guard this long trail. The trio doesn't have much time to admire the scenery, as they're too busy gathering ingredients to fill Rorona's basket. The trail comes to a stop at the top of the hill, where Rorona finds a chest containing a Neue Metal (no, not that) Ingot — good for weapon-making, and at no major energy cost to Rorona.

  • Resources: Eiche, Uni, Mudhead

Year 1, Month 5, Day 18

Cordelia's got a craving for Cobaltberries, and not just any Cobaltberries...good ones (with a quality rating of at least 40). She doesn't pay much, but is happy to get them regardless.

Rorona goes to Esty to see if there's some more profitable work available. Requests for Phlogiston, Magic Grass and Healing Salves are on the menu, and so are two thing that Rorona hasn't found yet: Stim Stones and Snow Stones. She takes only the jobs that she's able to handle, and leaves the others to more capable alchemists.

Year 1, Month 5, Day 21

The team scopes out the ruins once more to investigate what lies beyond the wall. Their fighting skills have improved so much that the Wolves and Punis don't cause as much trouble for them.

Year 1, Month 5, Day 26

The trail continues onward, and the strange architecture of the mine continues to cause anyone to fall if they aren't careful. So much time spent on building up the machinery, and they weren't even considerate enough to build guardrails, Cordelia thinks to herself.

The tunnel appears to reach a dead-end at this point. With Rorona's basket full, the need to stop and rest outranks her curiosity for exploration, so she stops and does just that, right after she collects her reward for her Phlogiston and Healing Salves.

  • Resources: Audra's Tail, Beast Fur, Puni Ball


Etsy wanted...'Stim Stones'? My first assumption is that it's a stone that acts as a stimulus, as the name implies. However, even in a world where alchemy exists, I have a hard time believing that such a thing could exist, and have no clue how it'd work if it did. Does it radiate energy? Or can the minerals that the stone is comprized of be grinded up and used like salt? I guess only time will reveal the answer to this puzzle...
EndarkCuli 8th Feb 11
I'll have too look at the description one more time, but the picture itself looks like your run-of-the-mill space rock. Or, it could just be a fancy name for something completely ordinary, like Zettel just being glorified paper.
WillyFourEyes 9th Feb 11