Let's mix it up at Atelier Rorona!

Willy Four Eyes

6: When A New Weapon Gets Involved, You Must Equip It!

Year 1, Month 5, Day 29

Rorona thinks it might be a good idea for the group to get their equipment upgraded. New weapons are available for the trio, but in order for Hagel to make one, he needs either a Tinc or some Dry Metal for each of them. A suit of Traveler's Wear for Rorona would require some Nylonfeather and Silkis.

Year 1, Month 5, Day 30

But before she prepares that, she remembers that she still has a job request to fulfill, so she heads back out to the Nearby Forest to gather some Magic Grass.

Year 1, Month 6, Day 3

Sterk stops by to check on Rorona's progress. She wonders what happened to the little bird she saw earlier. Sterk says that it's his pigeon, and that he may bring it along with him the next time he visits.

The next week is spent compiling more items for the assignment. Her work impresses Sterk enough to put her over the top for this quarter, and with plenty of time for her to spare.

Year 1, Month 6, Day 12

Rorona's research into ingot synthesis has helped her produce Tinc and Dry Metal, which she takes to Hagel to help her make a Siphon Rod. She's confused as to why a magical staff would even have a siphon on the end of it. Hagel pretty much says that it's for looking cool, just as most magic wands would have a crystal or gem on the end. Just so that he friends aren't left out, she asks Hagel to craft some Strong Bullets for Cordelia, and a Training Wok for Iksel. The new weapons are believed to augment their special skills, but Rorona doesn't have enough time to test them out, as she remembers that she had accepted a request for a pair of Cannons that guaranteed quite a big payout.

Year 1, Month 6, Day 29

One Nylonfeather is enough for Rorona to get the Traveler's Wear that she wanted. She even got to help Hagel make it!

Year 1, Month 6, Day 30

The second evaluation day has arrived. Rorona bites her tongue from her nervousness, but it appears that she didn't need to be, as she passes the second test easily.

The third assignment is a bit of a strange one: she is being asked to replicate some tools from an ancient document. To succeed, she has to turn in as many of the following items as possible by the end of the 9th month: Witch's Salve, Beast Statue, and Healing Aroma. The recipe book is pretty old, so they don't know what the items actually do.