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The Preps make their great attack

Starting the!

A/N: dis chappie will hav lots of hi octin nighmare fool An army of Zombie Court Jesters will take up much of this chapter. Cool!

Chapter 8: Britney's on teh attack!

Une day in the very goffik slythering dorm, But I tought it was a poser dorm! Britney and some prepz staertd to ride their bromsticks over to the dorm. It was going to be a quick, but vicious raid. Their intents was evul. Considering what they're up against, it's probably less evil than what the author thinks. Enfact, it lookd liek the attak on Kingbrudge by willam hamlay, butt with wands and broomsticks! I'm not really into the action genre, but that actually sounds cool. Kudos!

Britney shouted so very unsexily, As her enemies were unworthy of seduction "This is HELL, Goffs personz!" And I'm getting out of it! "Abra Kadabra," she shooted And an Abra came and Teleported her away from Goffland.

The wall exploded, fatalaly implaling the REAL Blaze, No! I was going to be one of Bad Santa's Lieutenants! whu dies screaming 4 Linda to escape sexily. Make sure you wear only a bikini! You get less protection against fire and cave-ins, but at least you're going to appear sexy!

This ment that Britney culd impursonate her easier cuz Blaze was dead. Even though Linda clearly heared Blaze's last words. Though not Blaise planning to stab her through the heart

"Nuclear!" Shouted Britney! I will defeat you, even if I have to destroy both of us!

Nuklear energy ponded the inside, setting greeen fire! This is probably Nuclear Physics Fail, but who cares? It's so cool!

Linda returned from slitting hur ristz with Drako, Dracola, Vampire and pale duud. wild mass guessThe slitting wrists part was a Blood Ritual to bring him back.wild mass guess They were all wearing all black badass clothes, which had the shiniest shirt strings EVAR. Your lives are in danger and you're going on about your clothes? (Censored, Censored, Censordey Censored!) They were also wearing fishnets cuz those are just ubergoffik. Even the males? You really are posers.

Lidna scremed, "NO, not my dorm you bitch!" Ripping off Mrs Weasly? At least your delivery was okay, as okay as anything in this Parody! fic may get. "Abra Kadabra!" She shooted, pointing her womb. And another Abra came and disrupted Britney's efforts to escape Bad Santa's Hell.

And then Britney fell from her broom No!, but she kicked Taylir Swaft off of hur broom Yes!, and took Taylor's ina way eerly reminicent of Kanyay's upstagin act. Huh?

Dracola grabbed his badass gun and fired a car at Britney, who went like Team Rocket Boo! ...and came back Yay! , having kiked off Lavigne from HER broom! I don't know Avril Lavinge, so maybe?

Pale duud rushed at her, runnin like a manac and the sparkle light disintgrated Britney temprarily, And it was Awesome! but the folowing explosion also took pale duud, And that was even more Awesome! who glowed une final time be4 going to teh void becuz of Bratney's curse of drakness! He'll come back, eventually.

Corupted self watched the batle and sighed, "Ha, I liked watching that, nao, send for teh servants of evulz!" And not just those piddling Servants, I want Exalted!

The Nazis appeared in the slythering dorm, all three of the Saberz! They wur all dressed in white this time, cuz lite is NOT good. As anyone who has drank Coke Lite can tell you.

Lidna threw a smok bom, letting the goffiks escape to fite anoter day! That was actually sort of Badass. I'll cheer for you this time, make it last.

Oh no, will evil win? You're actually holding me in suspense!

((OOC: Finished!))