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Repair Shop Morgue
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new postLOL: LOL 8Thu, 26th May '11 11:38:18 AM
new postAre there two different definitions here?: Cultural Cringe 65Thu, 26th May '11 11:17:30 AM
new postMerge due to Trope Decay: Golden Ending 10Thu, 26th May '11 9:47:44 AM
new postZap the real life section.: The Jail Bait Wait 13Thu, 26th May '11 3:02:33 AM
new postSalvageable, or to be cut?: Characters.Yume Nikki 15Wed, 25th May '11 10:57:12 PM
new postWork ariticle: merge and ptitle fix required4Wed, 25th May '11 9:32:55 PM
new postDefinition is too restrictive: Hourglass Hottie 49Wed, 25th May '11 7:49:02 PM
new postSwitch I, Robot literature page to Main: ptitle46vep1yvhihu 21Wed, 25th May '11 1:11:08 PM
new postToo many canon examples, other problems: Ambiguously Autistic 3Wed, 25th May '11 11:07:11 AM
new postNatter and Subjectivity: Strawman Has A Point 38Wed, 25th May '11 5:46:50 AM
new postIsn't this already covered by other tropes: White Dragon 43Wed, 25th May '11 5:24:06 AM
new postExample Sectionectomy?: One True Threesome 39Tue, 24th May '11 7:30:02 PM
new postRename: Test Of Character 21Tue, 24th May '11 6:12:56 PM
new postRedirect farming: The Scrappy 10Tue, 24th May '11 6:09:07 PM
new postWho?: Nasty Grace 50Tue, 24th May '11 5:25:11 PM
new postAbsurdly long real life section: Humans Are Cthulhu 20Mon, 23rd May '11 5:32:23 PM
new postPrematurely launched, needs title discussion: Obviously Named Species 11Mon, 23rd May '11 10:27:36 AM
new postIs this clear enough?: Food Chain Of Evil 8Mon, 23rd May '11 10:21:07 AM
new postIs there a point to this?: MGS 2 Ending 4Mon, 23rd May '11 4:12:32 AM
new postSuggesting rename to it's redirect, Bahzell.: War God 11Sun, 22nd May '11 6:14:37 PM
new postRename, seriously.: Auto Erotica 48Sun, 22nd May '11 3:00:33 PM
new postWhat is this about?: Street Samurai 39Sun, 22nd May '11 1:20:44 PM
new post"Sylvester and Tweety": One show, two pages: Sylvester And Tweety Mysteries 4Sun, 22nd May '11 11:31:46 AM
new postChange the title to "The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra": Avatar The Legend Of Korra 7Sun, 22nd May '11 7:31:46 AM
new postIndex?: That Guy With The Glasses Index 21Sun, 22nd May '11 12:39:16 AM
new postRestrict to in-universe: Matzo Fever 15Sat, 21st May '11 10:56:56 PM
new postCut the real life section: Grandma What Massive Hotness You Have 15Sat, 21st May '11 10:52:24 PM
new postEmbeded needs to be disabled: Thirty Xanatos Pileup 8Sat, 21st May '11 10:36:55 PM
new postRename to make the meaning more clear.: Pink Is For Girls 28Sat, 21st May '11 5:53:52 AM
new postExpand to include examples from all media?: Urban Legend Of Zelda 23Sat, 21st May '11 3:38:08 AM
new postExcuse Plot: Excuse Plot 3Fri, 20th May '11 8:12:15 PM
new postChange it back!: All of the "moments" 5Fri, 20th May '11 12:38:45 PM
new postUnlock: Griefer 23Fri, 20th May '11 10:13:58 AM
new postStub needs examples: I Am Not My Father 6Fri, 20th May '11 9:18:10 AM
new postHow can I add a WMG button at the top of the "Hawaii Five-0" page?: Hawaii Five O 2Thu, 19th May '11 5:46:17 PM
new postSelf-demonstrating at the expense of readability: Long Title 5Thu, 19th May '11 4:28:11 PM
new postShould this still exist?: Troper Tales.Crapsack World 14Thu, 19th May '11 2:16:17 PM
new postQuote changes: Purple Prose 6Thu, 19th May '11 5:43:58 AM
new postTime for an archive?: Headscratchers.Warhammer 40000 2Thu, 19th May '11 3:59:19 AM
new postWhat to do?: New Tech Is Not Cheap 16Thu, 19th May '11 2:50:09 AM
new postRename:: Conveniently An Orphan 39Wed, 18th May '11 10:42:49 PM
new postDuplicate trope: Hot Reporter and: Hot Scoop 19Wed, 18th May '11 6:13:24 PM
new postRename: Nightmare Fuel 292Wed, 18th May '11 3:54:25 PM
new postWhy?!?: Troper Tales.Ax Crazy 2Wed, 18th May '11 3:34:22 PM
new postCan we split this?: Half Human Hybrid 4Wed, 18th May '11 2:18:14 PM
new postRename trope, replace quotation?: Degraded Boss 9Wed, 18th May '11 12:18:47 PM
new postClean up: Gainaxing 51Tue, 17th May '11 12:00:22 PM
new postDoes it work, or is it a snowclone and needs a better name?: Pimped Out Cape 9Tue, 17th May '11 9:08:11 AM
new postProposed renaming: Double Subversion 20Tue, 17th May '11 5:49:02 AM
new posttoo many duplicated examples: Jackass Genie 11Mon, 16th May '11 2:44:54 PM
new postRename: Tower Of Babel 17Mon, 16th May '11 2:06:18 PM
new postA mess: That One Index 7Mon, 16th May '11 10:54:29 AM
new postWidespread misuse: The Game 3Mon, 16th May '11 3:28:55 AM
new postCreepy: IncestYay/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace: Incest Yay.Wizards Of Waverly Place 35Mon, 16th May '11 3:19:59 AM
new postYKTTW'd trope: too close to this one?: Something Only They Would Say 11Sun, 15th May '11 12:50:39 PM
new postDuplicate article: Cosmic Chess Game 17Sun, 15th May '11 11:57:03 AM
new postRename, certainly: Xanadu 32Sun, 15th May '11 10:02:14 AM
new postYouTube links in articles (Is this the place to ask this?)17Sat, 14th May '11 9:28:27 PM
new postDoesn't need its own page : Misty May 14Sat, 14th May '11 5:56:26 PM
new postShould we really specify movies?: Video Game Movies Suck 4Sat, 14th May '11 4:38:31 PM
new postWhy didn't we cut this?: Troper Tales.Perverse Sexual Lust Film 9Sat, 14th May '11 11:38:35 AM
new postBad Examples: Plot Sensitive Items 1Sat, 14th May '11 10:16:59 AM
new postRename? Redefine? Make YMMV?: I Used To Be Kind Of Cool Once 6Fri, 13th May '11 8:38:05 PM
new postIs this necessary?: Depressing Tropes 23Fri, 13th May '11 7:58:43 PM
new postMaking different installments link to this: High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Star Wars 6Fri, 13th May '11 7:07:20 PM
new postContact Information needed: List Of Pages Artists Can Illustrate 2Fri, 13th May '11 9:59:16 AM
new postMyNameIsInigoMontoya: My Name Is Inigo Montoya 11Fri, 13th May '11 9:29:22 AM
new postMove the big folder?: Gun Accessories 25Thu, 12th May '11 11:52:24 PM
new postMisused everywhere: The Ace 2Thu, 12th May '11 8:13:04 PM
new postToo Much Fanon:: Uke 15Thu, 12th May '11 4:17:31 PM
new postSuggesting rename for : A Worldwide Punomenon 48Thu, 12th May '11 9:16:41 AM
new postNot the most instinctive title: Tragic Funeral 41Wed, 11th May '11 2:17:50 PM
new postDelete Real Life Section?: I Am Not Weasel 3Wed, 11th May '11 2:11:23 PM
new postPremature Launch: Three Yay 3Wed, 11th May '11 11:05:56 AM
new postThis is about the plot, not the object itself: Geeky Glasses 13Tue, 10th May '11 7:49:33 PM
new postWhy is this a Darth Wiki trope?: Narm 7Tue, 10th May '11 6:18:52 PM
new postSplit into sections: Anti Villain 14Tue, 10th May '11 5:28:12 PM
new postWhy is this video game only? : Most Annoying Sound 14Tue, 10th May '11 10:00:21 AM
new postRename:: Hide Your Lesbians 22Mon, 9th May '11 6:21:03 PM
new postPremature launch: Red Hair And Freckles 9Mon, 9th May '11 3:41:17 PM
new postGuess the trope!: Pif Paf Pof 47Mon, 9th May '11 10:11:48 AM
new postNeeds to be merged: The Diary Of A Young Girl 9Sun, 8th May '11 4:36:03 PM
new postBadly named snowclone that leads to complaining, should be YMMV: Darth Wiki.Dethroning Music Of Suck 20Sun, 8th May '11 4:30:01 PM
new postSecond criterion is a mess.: Complete Monster 8Sun, 8th May '11 3:51:34 PM
new postClarification might be worthwhile: Suspiciously Apropos Music 6Sun, 8th May '11 3:02:14 PM
new postGive each game an individual page: Shiren The Wanderer 3Sun, 8th May '11 2:22:19 PM
new postMuch of article irrelevant to trope: Troper Tales.Creepy Uncle 6Sun, 8th May '11 9:03:51 AM
new postGross errors in the page, either fix or zap: Playing With.Mother Of A Thousand Young 4Sun, 8th May '11 8:15:56 AM
new postIntro needs some work: Bloody Handprint 10Sun, 8th May '11 2:07:21 AM
new postRedirect farming: The Cuckoolander Was Right 6Sat, 7th May '11 8:54:27 PM
new postWhy is this a ptitle at all?: Ptitleam97932h 16Sat, 7th May '11 8:25:44 PM
new postSame Trope? Creator Insignia/Creator Thumbprint7Sat, 7th May '11 8:02:35 PM
new postLong Real Life Section: Commie Nazis 20Sat, 7th May '11 7:36:15 PM
new postFlat earth athesit: Flat Earth Atheist 4Sat, 7th May '11 5:43:40 PM
new postReal Life Section: Ridiculous Future Inflation 10Sat, 7th May '11 5:36:36 PM
new postTrope is narrower than the name implies.: Sensual Spandex 2Sat, 7th May '11 4:48:51 PM
new postWe should do something for the video games: Damn You Muscle Memory 10Sat, 7th May '11 2:32:09 PM
new postOrganization.: Blatant Item Placement 3Sat, 7th May '11 2:12:41 PM
new postThere is an article... but there isn't?: You Are Umasou 6Sat, 7th May '11 2:08:57 PM
new postCan't Stop The Signal: Ptitlevwahnous 4Sat, 7th May '11 2:01:19 PM
52 pages in this list
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