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01/17/2013 04:38:45 •••

One manga you SHOULD'NT miss!

Jojo's Bizarre Adventures is a manga that needs no introduction for dedicated and long standing fans of manga. For those new to manga,JJBA is an awesome and long running series that starts off as story of Jonathon Joestar,a young boy in Victorian England trying to put down Dio Brando,his charismatic and ruthless vampire nemesis,and evolves into a saga spanning more than a century in which several protagonists(all related in one way or the other to Jonathon or Dio) faces off against a host of exotic villains including serial killers,mafiosi and ancient super beings!

The story of this manga is exceptionally well written with just the right amount of thrill,action,horror,awesomeness and humor mixed into the stew.All the protagonists and the antagonists are well designed and interesting characters,and some of them count among the MOST BADASS characters ever created in any work of fiction ! The fights are very well choreographed,most of the combatants have very unique (and sometimes downright quarky)abilities and above all ,the fighters(even the minor ones) put their grey matter to good use,unlike many other contemporary manga characters. Additionally,keep in mind that this manga is definitely NOT a just series of battles strung together.There is plenty of humor,character development & meaningful bonding between friends and comrades,interesting and eventful stretches of globe trotting and even old school detective work involved(with some supernatural supplements). So next time you are looking for a good manga series to pursue,pick JJBA. Enjoyment is guaranteed !

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