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02/19/2012 09:33:39 •••

A Blast Through The Apocolypse

Rage isn't the best game out there but it offers a pretty good thrill to any one who likes games like Fallout 3 or even Halo.The flaws of the game aren't major but you'll have to be pretty patient if you truly want to experience this game.The first flaw would have to be the physics engine.You can barely even jump and when you do there is some invisible background wall that prevents you from jumping over almost anything.The combat isn't original and it can take 3 shotgun blasts just to stun a enemy.The characters don't get development either.In fact the main character doesn't even speak.

The good things though are interesting (yet very easy) boss battles and amazing enemy designs.The best boss battle had to be the giant mutant boss battle.Racing in the game is okay but hard to move around without getting stuck in a hard place.

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