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09/17/2017 18:31:28 •••

Not That Great

Personally I find this guy's works very overrated. His grammar is good for sure, but I find that he completely demonizes characters that canon shows to not be that bad (Hiashi and the Hyuugas), he falls into so many cliches and fanon, and does a lot of fixing of things that ain't broke(Naruto's wardrobe- other people have eye catching clothes to). He makes Naruto deny the toad summoning contract based on a completely and utterly stupid thought. This troper feels that the fic isn't as good as people say it is.

01/14/2012 00:00:00

It's worth remembering that Team 8 built most of those cliches and fanon. It's a very influential fic.

All other criticisms seem valid, though.

01/14/2012 00:00:00

Nothing more then a complaint then an actual review.

01/15/2012 00:00:00

Reviews can't be negative?

01/15/2012 00:00:00

The review is perfectly valid, if a little influenced by Hype Backlash.

The fact that the fic built the fanon cliches does not excuse the way they are used if it is bad. And there are times it is so.

06/29/2015 00:00:00

While I agree with some of these criticisms (the cliche Omnicient Council Of Vagueness that seems to exist solely to block Naruto, especially the cancelling of the Chunin exam just because there was no other way to keep Naruto a genin), some I feel deserve a comment from the other side. It is established in the author's notes that the change in the characterization of Hiashi Hyuuga is due to the nail. Further, Naruto turning down the toad contract was perfectly reasonable and in character. Naruto's first priority is his teammates, and a technique which would cause problems when working with Shino is a technique he would not use. As for the change in wardrobe, the fact that others wear bright colors is somewhat addressed (blending in with civilians, ability to disguise using a genjutsu). Naruto in cannon is a member of a more direct, combat-oriented squad. Thus, a bright uniform is not much of a hindrance. Team 8 is a recon-oriented squad and that requires clothing that serves as camoflage. In cannon, Shino, Hinata, and Kiba wear green/gray/brown during part 1.

09/15/2015 00:00:00

The fact that Team 8 built a lot of the cliches and standard Fandom Specific Plots in the Naruto fanfic scene doesn't really excuse the fact that a lot of them (probably most notably the "what if Naruto didn't get a useless, Sasuke-favouring Naruto-neglecting idiot teacher like Kakashi?" plot) aren't really great cliches in the first place. Yes, Kakashi objectively isn't much of a teacher in canon, but he's not MEANT to be a bad teacher, nor it is ever implied that he is (if he is then it's a writing fumble on Kishimoto's part, not a plot point), so fics where Naruto gets put under Kurenai, or Guy, or Asuma, or just a "better Kakashi" and becomes super-awesomesauce compared to his so lame canon self come across as awfully pleased with themselves.

09/15/2015 00:00:00

Perhaps Hiashi was changed due to the "nail," (although, as far as I know, the death of Kurenai's team because one of them had the Byakugan and wouldn't join the branch family was because Hiashi was more ruthless and less sympathetic than in canon, not the cause of that change). Hiashi's a more interesting character when he's a stern man who has to make difficult decisions for his clan and doesn't think Hinata is able to do the same rather than when he abuses her for hardly any reason.

As far as the teachers go, it seems that most of the students learn jutsus from their families, and Guy and Lee are the exception (since Guy sees a great deal of himself in Lee). The teachers do, however, teach their students how to work as a team and supervise them as they do missions, and Kakashi did relatively well until outside problems resulted in Sasuke cutting ties with the team (even then, it's possible that his lecture after the hospital fight might have gotten through to Sasuke).

As for the fanfics, the teachers often come off as effectual as the author wants them to be (which generally means more than Kakashi and their canon selves), even if it doesn't necessarily make sense for this to happen.

09/17/2017 00:00:00

I really can\'t believe how much hate Kakashi gets. Focusing on training Sasuke during the Chunin Exam was the logical choice. Naruto was going up against Neji, who was strong and had a chip on his shoulder, but he was neither as strong nor as dangerous as Gaara. Naruto\'s fight wasn\'t likely to put him in mortal peril. And, given Sasuke\'s issues, Kakashi\'s decision seemed to have a bit of \"troubled children need the most attention.\"

And it\'s not like he could\'ve taught Naruto the Chidori. Naruto doesn\'t have the Sharingan, and without that, it likely wouldn\'t be safe for Naruto to use it.

Kakashi arranged for Ebisu, considered one of the best teachers in the village, to help Naruto get ready for his fight with Neji. He asked to form a team with Naruto and Sakura again at the start of Part II. He helped Naruto through every step of developing the Rasenshuriken. The novels have him talking about how proud he is of Sakura. The idea that Kakashi only ever cared about Sasuke is completely absurd.

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