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12/25/2011 11:55:29 •••

One of the greatest animated series by Disney

Recess is probably one of the greatest animated shows I've ever seen. I didn't catch the show premiering (too young to remember), but I definetly remember starting to watch it during its' second season.

The show had excelent characters, a realistic yet cute art style, great episodes, and some awesome voice acting. Everyone's voice suited their characters. Like Hey Arnold and Ka Blam, Recess also primarily used a kid cast for the kid characters.

The show doesn't have too many flaws. The only ones I can find are the digitally colored episodes usually have weirder animation, making them look like the cutscenes in a Humongous Entertainment game from the mid-1990s. Also, I really loathed Myles Jeffrey's portrayal of T.J. in the direct-to-video movies; he just sounded too wimpy.

Looking back, I think I enjoy this show more now that I'm older, as I get more of the jokes that flew over me as a kid. But with it's witty humor, sly inside jokes, and lovable characters, we can all agree that Recess was nothing short of, "Tender".

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