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06/18/2019 23:34:17 •••

My favorite super hero gets one great game.

Being a fan of Spidey my entire life I always look forward to his games so needless to say I got this and here are my thoughts.


The story is that as Mysterio was robbing a museum Spider-Man showed up had a short fight a broke an item known as The Tablet of Order and Chaos into multiple pieces across four dimensions: 2099, Amazing, Noir, and Ultimate. Now the four Spider-Men from these dimensions must retrieve the pieces before villains gain them. This all leads to a climatic battle with Mysterio. The worst aspect is the little amount of time in which the Spider-Men interact.


Each Dimensions Spider-Man has a different way he fights: Amazing has web and agility, Noir stealthily hunts down mooks, 2099 uses his speed, and Ultimate uses strength. Both 2099 and Ultimate has something extra: 2099 has accelerated vision which causes everything to move slowly and Ultimate has Rage Mode in which you do more damage. The most fun is Noir but all get to be really fun.


Each dimension looks different: Amazing is very comic book esque, Ultimate is Cell Shaded, 2099 is very futuristic, and Noir is very film noir like as you must have guessed from its name. The voice acting is really good and everything else sounds equally as good.


Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions is a great game and must have for all Spider-Fans.

06/18/2019 00:00:00

Sounds good.

Out of curiosity, did you check out the DS version of the game, and if so how was it?

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