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09/17/2011 19:09:15 •••

Good Stuff I daresay, wot.

As an early-to-late modern history student, I found the premise very interesting. I was not disappointed. I hope that in time this will come to be seen as one of the great epics of Evangelion fanfiction. Japan and Korea are not my speciality and as Germany appears to be the Author's homeland I daresay his interpretation of Germany's culture and politics is superior to mine. But from what I do know, I must say reading this has been a very interesting experience. Knowing perhaps too much about how Evas are supposed to work (according to Fan Wank) I found the premise of an early C20th Evangelion to be the only thing which stretched my willing suspension of disbelief. Well, that and the existence of an effective world-wide conspiracy in the age of the telegraph. But it's notable that those are the only issues I have with it. Everything else - and I do mean everything else - is quite well done.

Apart from the disintegration of the British Empire, actually, come to think of it. Loyalty to the Crown was very intense in Canada and Australasia, which more-or-less ran themselves. It's not hard to see South Africa going its own way, though, given the present unpleasantness there. I don't know, France going to pieces would sort of make sense - they did have a real history of (serious) government trouble - but for Britain to go seems a bit... it would take more than a near-apocalypse for the men of the British Indian Army and Civil Service let the mostly-defunct Princes any kind of autonomy, let alone fight each other over the place. Realistically, the place was run by the Indian Civil Service and not the princes by that stage. Also, I was under the impression Japanese Industry of the time was comparatively small and kind of backwards. That said, if Britain 'and' France collapsed, that would leave Japan in prime position to economically (and militarily) dominate Central-South China, Indochina and India. Anyway, apocalypses do funny things to people, and it's not really a big issue. Oh, stupid! A socialist revolution and an Irish Revolution could probably do it. It'd split the country - and the (overwhelmingly Irish) White component of the Indian Army - down the middle. Silly me.

Anyway, excuse my griping, it's a darned good fic. Especially for a demned devil-dog hun, ho-ho.

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