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12/11/2010 13:47:52 •••

Leliel's Review: ZOMG, Nice!Asuka Written Well!

Well, the title says it: This fanfic is one of the few and far between that manages to tone down Asuka's latent bitchiness while managing to write it in an IC, logical fashion-she doesn't have a rival, so she feels more confident and isn't obsessed with her competition.

I also liked the fact that her genius IQ isn't an Informed Attribute-after her battle with Shamshel, she quickly figures out that Shinji's mind is now a part of EVA-01 and draws some very perceptive observations of what the Evangelions actually are.

As for the other characters, each one is very IC, and reacts very intelligently to EVA-01's increased independence and self-awareness.

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