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07/12/2020 15:09:19 •••

Not the most ambitious series of all time but very well executed. Biggest issue to me is some pacing problems.

I love this show. It's incredibly well written and engaging. The characters are amazing and the world so cool. However, I will say it's not an incredibly ambitious story. That's not necessarily a criticism but it just comes down to what you like. I personally prefer Korra in some ways because it takes some more risks. This show is much better in execution, Korra is better in theory.

The first season just kind of exists to me. I get why but it's very much a Slow-Paced Beginning. The final quarter of the season is really good but the rest of it is pretty much skippable. The Roku and Zuko episodes are about the only really good ones in there. When I rewatched it last, I skipped over a bunch of it. However, season 2 is one of my favorite pieces of fiction of all time. It's so well plotted. I also think the filler episodes in this season are much better than the first one. For some reason, I love "Avatar Day". It's so wacky and weird but I love it. Maybe it's because I love Kyoshi and I love watching her let that dude die. It all culminates in a great climax. Zuko choosing to side with his sister was a great decision by the writers. However, season 3 fails to keep up that momentum. It goes straight to filler. I think they should have Zuko join the group earlier and then do the filler because he joins so late and there's really not much time for him to truly meld with the gang. The finale is genuinely great.

All of the four main characters are awesome. I always tell people Katara is how you should write a female lead being the male lead's love interest. The main trio have such a good dynamic. Toph is definitely the weak link in the cast, imo. She's interesting but doesn't develop too much and comes of (unintentionally) as a brat. Iroh is great but a little too static for me too.

I get that this is for kids but Ozai is also a little too black and white to come off as a compelling villain. I love Azula though. This is one aspect I think Korra did better as well. The villains are so well rounded and have a reason for doing what they do.

So all things considered, this is a great show that suffers from some pacing issues and boring first season. I'll give it an 8.7/10

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