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05/15/2020 14:10:05 •••

Flora One is amazing

I will read anything Flora One writes, and I will also read pretty much anything she recommends. Love her!!

05/15/2020 00:00:00

To further clarify: Flora is a real-life sex researcher, and she brings that perspective into her work. Her lemons are both realistic and hot, her stories are sex-positive, and much of her work aims to \"detox\" tropes that she finds sexist, tired, or otherwise problematic.

If you like angsty Usa Mamo mutual pining and slight canon divergence, most of her stories are full of it, and they will make you feel all the feelings.

05/15/2020 00:00:00

That\'s an interesting tidbit about the author, but I recommend that you edit the review to include that part, rather than putting it into a comment.

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