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Reviews Fanfic / The Daysof Reckoning Are Upon Us

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05/19/2020 14:18:54 •••

It has it's ups and downs

Some of the prompts are quite reasonable and could easily have happened in the MCU with the characters acting as they did in canon. Others could only realistically happen if you chose the worst interpretations of Team Cap. For example, in Prompt 118, Shuri learns she ran some one over during the car chase in Busan and is horrified to have killed someone and reasonably upset with her brother for hiding it. Or 112 where Wanda and Pietro turn against Ultron earlier after being horrified by the devastation done to Johannesburg by Wanda's Mind Rape of Banner. Both are fairly realistic results of canon.

Contrast, in prompt 124, Steve keeps attacking Tony even while the Helicarrier is under attack. Even as someone who isn't a fan of Steve, I find it hard to believe his priorities would be that massively skewed.

Overall, not a bad story and some of the prompts are truly thought provoking and emotional (Clint's grief when Nat dies during the Civil War for example). Just don't ever expect it to side with Steve.

05/19/2020 00:00:00

Honestly I think you sound to charitable. The problem is that it sounds like it paints Steve Rogers as satan

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