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03/26/2020 07:40:09 •••

It's only evil if Tony does it.

Literally not matter what anyone else does, it's fine, especially if they do it to Tony. Tony calls Natasha a double agent after she switches sides in Civil War or refers to Wanda as a WMD? Horrible and dehumanizing. Clint makes a crack about Rhodey's broken spine? No one will ever comment on it.

The prompts in this story twist absolutely every character to portray Tony as negatively as possible, whether it's Peter wanting nothing to do with Tony or Tony folding like a house of cards the moment Ross orders him to "patrol America's oil fields". No one likes Tony unless he "admits" to being responsible for every bad thing that happens in any movie he's in (barring the Chitauri) and he's generally considered a villain on par with Loki or HYDRA. BUT, the other Avengers will immediately forgive him if he just apologizes, because (unlike Tony) they're good people.

Finally, the author outright dismisses any and all trauma Tony goes through as being "minor inconveniences". Whether it's PTSD from nearly dying and witnessing the true scope of the Chitauri fleet or learning his parents were murdered by watching a video of said murder with their killer mere feet away, it's all brushed off as an "inconvenience". My personal favorite being gibbs_yeah insisting that, despite being the one who was repeatedly struck in the head with a hunk of metal that then struck his chest hard enough to destroy his arc reactor and left in a broken suit in a frozen bunker in Siberia, Tony should be having nightmares about killing Steve and Bucky in Siberia.

Long story short, despite claims that the series is only a fair response to the various Pro-Tony stories, it's just an excuse to mangle everyone so as to bash Tony Stark.

03/11/2020 00:00:00

He even said the video was faked.

03/14/2020 00:00:00

Lord YAM, I\'m not sure what struck me as more ridiculous, the idea that Peter, who pretty much worships Tony, wants nothing to do with him (and insists Tony blackmailed him into helping in Berlin) or the idea that JARVIS doesn\'t like Tony.

03/16/2020 00:00:00

He did kind of agree to tell Aunt May but that was to get him to hear him out. Wanda regrets her actions as well.

He also blew up when I said that Peter was irresponsible and that was why Tony yelled. I\'m sorry but if you do what peter did you deserve to get yelled at

03/17/2020 00:00:00

It was but in peterís defense, it was only after Tony made little effort to appear that he was taken peterís concerns seriously, he was blowing off peterís repeated messages and didnít let him know that he is letting the proper authorities know about the vulture and the weapons, Tony left him with a middle man who didnít like his position as peterís liaison or didnít really take it seriously enough, Tonyís mentoring after; having him fight as his backup in fight he should not have been in; was pretty dismissive and basically just let him on his way telling him to let other people handle the other people know and stay close to the ground, as far as peter could tell Tony was blowing off his concerns and felt that he had to investigate it himself. It was reckless and peter did deserve chewed out but it was not entirely his fault

03/17/2020 00:00:00

Lets be fair with Tony here. He lacked a good father figure that would have worked as a guide on how to be a good father figure/mentor. He was treating Peter the same way his father treated him. Of course he will commit mistakes.

03/17/2020 00:00:00

See what you mean even if I donít think that it justifies how he treated peter

03/17/2020 00:00:00

IMO, the series is a fair response to the Pro-Tony stories. It\'s basically a mirror to them, just as they mangle everyone else to bash Steve, so does this series mangle everyone to bash Tony.

It\'s not about being canon-compliant or meeting some imaginary standards, it\'s catharsis, pure catharsis, for the way that Steve and Team Cap have been treated over the last four years by the very large, very vocal, Team Iron Man fandom.

03/24/2020 00:00:00

No itís a shit response. A more measured one that acknowledges both sides is better

03/26/2020 00:00:00

Sorry was scrolling down and accidentally hit spot comment which sent a blank one and this is me editing it

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