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02/13/2020 09:19:17 •••

Better than I expected (vague spoilers)

When I first heard about this film, everyone was talking about how it's a film by Rian Johnson. You know, the guy who did that Star Wars movie? The movie I thought was terribly plotted with poorly written characters and motivation, and a Broken Aesop to boot? Oh. I looked him up and found out that he did Looper too - a film that tried (poorly) to tell a simple story in a complex way and ended up tripping on itself.

So I was quite reluctant to watch this movie. The director/writer has been zero for two in my book.

Sufficed to say, I was delightfully surprised at this movie after finally getting around to it. It's got layers, like an onion - or, as the movie would describe it, a donut with a tinier donut inside the hole.

It throws you for a bit of a loop, especially if you forgot or didn't notice the details at the beginning - like a good whodunit story should. You think the mystery's solved, but then there's one thing that doesn't quite fit, and so on.

What actually took me by surprise was the tonal shift the movie takes. At first, it's just a basic crime investigation. Then it shifts somewhat and feels more like a heist movie. Then it shifts back to being a mystery again. It even does a good job of shifting back and forth who you feel you should be rooting for, somewhat, as you learn more and more about each character.

Overall, a great movie. 8/10. Nothing at all like Looper or The Last Jedi.

02/13/2020 00:00:00

Johnson directed The Last Jedi, not The Force Awakens

02/13/2020 00:00:00

Whoops, gonna correct that. But yes, I meant the Last Jedi

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