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10/20/2019 19:28:20 •••

A bad joke

I've seen Villain!Deku fics before. And this one is not a good one. The premise is one done before, just with a minor add on. Midoriya's dreams are crushed by All Might, so he snaps and becomes a Villain instead. Only this time, he decides to take inspiration from Marvel Comics and makes an Infinity Gauntlet. What follows is a complete mess. Suddenly Izuku turns into a wannabe Stain, decrying the society as filled with False Heroes, only instead of killing them, he instead acts using Cruel Mercy and dequirks them. While he does offer to return their quirks, its only if they conform to his very high standards. But it doesn't end there, he then proceeds to takeover a government position, employs Stain as his enforcer making it impossible to charge him for his murders, and proceeds to corrupt Uraraka and Todoroki into supporting him thanks to contrived reasons, namely the government arbitrarily making the former into a scapegoat, and the latter supporting him after he took down Endeavor, flying in the face of the two wanting to be actual heroes.

The fic tries desperately to frame it as if Izuku is right despite ostensibly being a villain, but it turns every character who doesn't agree with him into either an idiot or a strawman. He runs on Batman Gambit to the point he appears to conveniently have access to everyone's personal history, and despite all his talk about trying to make a better world, its glaringly obvious he's just a kid throwing a temper tantrum over his dream being shattered, best evident when he dequirks All Might, not because of him being a false hero, but out of petty revenge.

This Midoriya is not a real Izuku Midoriya. He has very little of Midoriya's actual traits, even ones other Villain!Deku fics keep. He is always presented in the right and anyone who challenges him is written to be either stupid or wrong.

This story is ultimately a waste of time, and a very bad joke.

10/20/2019 00:00:00

Ohhh my god thank you I swear it thought I was the only one that was feeling that way. Like really liked the concept and the parts of Izuku building himself up, but once he got the gauntlet the writing just took a nose dive and became really lazy and freaking contrived. Like more and more it feels like he is a Villian Sue.

10/20/2019 00:00:00

A brief examination of the trope pages has me in full agreement. I\'m shocked it seems popular, given the descriptions its own supporters seem to set down.

10/20/2019 00:00:00

That\'s because fan-fiction like this has a pre-built audience, viewers who identify with the \"underdog\" lead that want to make him better than everyone who ever put him down. I saw this with the Naruto crowd in its heyday, and Academia is often said to be the new Naruto.

10/20/2019 00:00:00

I noticed a similar trend with Naruto. A lot of fics tended to make Naruto evil or anti-heroic, removing his kindness, loyalty to his friends, desire to be Hokage and protect his loved ones, and everything else that made him Naruto. It\'s not too surprising that MHA fanfic writers would do the same thing to Izuku, who has more than a few similarities with Naruto, or that it would have appeal to certain fans, but I\'m not one of them.

10/20/2019 00:00:00

Ö So, angsty teenagers then? I can dig it.

10/20/2019 00:00:00

More like angsty teens who never quite grew up, but basically.

10/20/2019 00:00:00

Also the writing really suddenly declined, like compare the early chapters to now itís like it is being written by another person.

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