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Reviews Series / Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger Vs Keisatsu Sentai Patranger

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09/10/2019 00:44:50 •••

Kinda disappointed by the end

Pros :

They tried a new concept, two sentai team against each other.

Great action scenes.

Character focused episodes, especially on two reds. I know everyone likes Keiichiro after his character development, but Kairi is my personal favorite.

Humor and drama is great.

Cons :

The mecha isn't that great.

The villains aren't good. Except for Gauche who had catchy tune, and Zamigo for obvious reason, no one is memorable.

Too many focus and upgrades (toys) go to Lupinranger

This is just personal opinion, but I felt the plot quality drop near the ending. Excuse Plot, the villains having Idiot Ball, and apparently a movie exclusive character is being used as plot point so they got happy ending.

It seems they were originally planning something else but cancelled it and replace it with absurd plot.

I am kinda disappointed by this. I was really enjoying Lu Pat up until Christmas episode, after that the plot went downhill though it manage to salvage something by the last scene.

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