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07/10/2019 05:17:51 •••

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Days of Ruin was the last Nintendo Wars game before consumers and Intelligent System decided Fire Emblem was cooler. In many ways, I personally think the series went out with a bang.

Graphic: Absolutely lackluster. While map sprites have that cool 45 degree angle, battle animation is a hideous blob of colors on an extremely dull background.

Story: This game went for a post apocalyptic story and I love it! It reminds me of Power Rangers RPM, as both are set After the End and have a super serious conflict and yet still have a hopeful outlook and have a lot of sharper humor as well. Lin is my favorite character in the franchise.

Music: Pure epicness. Although the CO themes may overuse grunge a bit, the music overall nicely evokes a feel of determination in the face of adversity. Just listen to "Road to War," "Next Destination," and "The Shelter."

Gameplay: The revamped CO system is more balanced overall (except Isabella because her CO power is Will+Gage+Tasha combined plus more). The way CO fills their bar encourage a more aggressive fights and less focus on using infantry as a meat shield. You are no longer afraid to beat up the enemy! A typical match will have an extremely fierce fight between CO units and trying to kill each other while supporting their cronies.

I enjoy the new units as well, but the anti-tanks can be a bit frustrating because their counters are either very slow or very expensive. The rehaul on battleships, Carriers and Rig/Mobile Factory/APC make naval battles more fun this time.

In conclusion, this is my personal favorite Nintendo Wars game because of interesting story and characters, awesome soundtrack, and a less stalemate gameplay.

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